You must add the winter collaboration of Jack Murphy and Deborah Veale to your Christmas wishlist

There is nothing more boring than going through your Christmas list and ticking everything off, only to keep having those boring, boring lingering names at the bottom: The Fashionistas of Your Life.

Mom? Sorted. Your brothers and sisters? Sorted weeks since! Your father? Okay, it took a little while, but nowhere near as long as it takes to sort out your cutting edge friends!

You know you want to give them something totally chic and stylish, but sometimes the pressure is on you!

Tara Rose Plaid Hack Jacket (RRP € 260.00)

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve been puzzled by the fashionista in your life year after year, and all she gives you is “You’ve got nothing to bring me, really” – we’ve got you sorted with Jack Murphy clothes and Deborah Veale Winter Collaboration – and you might even see something for yourself!

Blending country classics and city chic, the winter 2021 collection from this Irish clothing company is causing a stir with its sassy new capsule collection. A fusion of classic and contemporary style, which compliments Jack Murphy’s signature handwriting and pairs beautifully with his collections, this vintage-inspired collection will be a perfect fit for your stylish friend.

Fran tailor-made coat with back belt and pleated detail – Light blue herringbone (RRP € 380.00)

With the seam at the heart, the iconic pieces have been renewed with a new luxurious touch focused on functionality, durability and great attention to detail. This collection has been beautifully designed and manufactured to enhance the contemporary exterior style.

Sleek silhouettes and a sexy aesthetic, almost inspired by the Peaky-Blinders, we can’t look away from the exquisite cuts, natural and comfortable color palettes and seasonal, stylish and urban outerwear.

For those looking to inject a bit of old-fashioned glamor into their winter wardrobe, these pieces will do the trick, from the elegant long tailored “Fran” coat named after Jack Murphy’s wife, in green, berry and light blue herringbone à la “Jen Tweed parka with hood trimmed in faux fur, available in navy and green herringbone.

Jack Murphy’s new collection in collaboration with Deborah Veale is available online at and stocked in stores in Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark , in the United States, Canada and Japan.

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