Wicker’s interests outside the operating room | Local News

A doctor with legible handwriting? Unusual, perhaps.

The one whose writing resembles calligraphy? Unheard of, probably.

Through his principal at a private Catholic school in Alexandria, Dr. Henry Wicker Jr. developed high levels of calligraphy in fifth grade, a practice he continued throughout his life. His calligraphic-style italic writing, as well as his penchant for cooking, are part of his skills outside of the operating room.

The surgeon also developed an interest in photography as a teenager when his father, an ophthalmologist, taught him optics through the lens, well, camera lenses. Over the years, he’s developed an eye for waterfowl in action – think eagles and ospreys – as well as extreme close-up images of bug-eyed insects.

One of his favorite photos is of a small bird, a kildeer, that has nested near the parking lot at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. Wicker showed the nest to former CEO David McKnight, who installed protective cones around it. Over the weeks, Wicker staked out the nest several times, as he does in his favorite waterside spots.

Her patience was rewarded when the chicks hatched on Mother’s Day. He captured an image of two newly hatched hairballs standing next to their mother as a third chick emerges from the egg.

“I love silence and solitude, really, and it gives me the opportunity to be alone and focus on what I’m seeing,” he said.

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