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Photo by Gao Xiaolong: Courtesy of Fan Xi

Beijing Central Axis Roaming – Art Exhibition

What do you know about the culture and history of Beijing? This exhibit will take you on an inside tour that explores the central axis of Beijing, a historic landmark that is set to become a World Cultural Heritage Site. The exhibition presents different types of artworks through various mediums such as painting and calligraphy to show how the daily life of Beijing residents is closely linked to the heritage of the city’s central axis.

Along with the exhibition, a forum on a new book was held at the same location. The new illustrated book by writer Gao Xiaolong and illustrator Yu Liancheng tells stories about Beijing’s central axis using a vivid brush painting style.

Beijing’s central axis can be seen as a valuable reference that reflects the unique symmetry aesthetic of early Chinese urban planning. It was nominated by UNESCO in 2013 to be one of the candidates on its Tentative List for World Cultural Heritage Site.

Where: Capital Library of China, Beijing

When: Until April 5, 2022

Price: free admission

Picasso as a Child – Art Exhibition

You won’t want to miss this exhibition if you’re a modern art lover with an interest in the art of one of the world’s most famous artists: Pablo Picasso.

The exhibition in Beijing includes five sections that show the different creative stages of the artist during his life.

The Spanish artist is known for having different styles which can easily be distinguished from each other.

For example, his “Blue Period” and “Rose Period” refer to the early 1900s when Picasso began to apply warmer colors and themes in his works.

Where: Moca Art Center, Beijing

When: Until July 10, 2022

Price: From 81 yuan ($12.8)

Her – Art Exhibition

“Women”, as a concept that represents the entire female community, has always been an inspiring subject addressed by artists through various forms such as fine art paintings and literary works.

The recently launched exhibition in Hangzhou, the capital of eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, has also joined the discussion on this topic. It will start by introducing visitors to groups of female artists to show how they portray the value of women through different artistic creations.

The exhibition was inaugurated on March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The show features a total of 115 artworks created by 20 artists from around the world to give an inside look at the female world.

Where: Holarte Art Gallery, Hangzhou

When: Until April 7, 2022

Price: 49 yuan ($7.8)

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