What you don’t know about Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra wears her pride in her Indian culture on her sleeve. The “Quantico” star, who commutes around the world for work, keeps her home country close with a few essentials that go with her everywhere: her temple, her mom and her pickles. “You can take me out of India, but you can’t take me out of India. My culture or who I am kind of goes with me in a bubble wherever I am,” he said. she said in an interview (via The Indian Express). In fact, Chopra’s love of homemade achaar — a tasty staple companion to meals in the Indian subcontinent (via Master class) — transcends kitchens. The once actor revealed that she enjoys authentic mango pickles, even with cheese sandwiches.

Chopra has built something of a mini-India at the lavish California property she shares with husband Nick Jonas, having celebrated major Indian festivals at home, including Holi and Diwali. “My beautiful wife introduced me to so many wonderful Indian festivals and traditions,” Jonas, who also took part in the religious Diwali festivities in 2021, share on Instagram. Chopra isn’t shy about embracing her Indian culture in all its glory — even on the most glitzy red carpets, she greeted crowds with the traditional namaste, as she did at Cannes in 2019 (via NDTV).

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