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What is Arabic calligraphy?

One of the oldest and most respected art forms in the world is calligraphy. Although its importance has faded, it has been constant and vibrant in Arab culture for over 2,000 years. Arabic calligraphy is treated as sacred writing for Muslims.

Origins of Arabic Calligraphy

In ancient times, Arab tribes practiced memorizing words and poems and passed them on to generations. However, since the evolution of Islam began and spread through the people, it was necessary to put the words in writing, preserving the Quran.

The Arabian Peninsula was home to a variety of ancient Semitic languages ​​before the expansion of Islam, and calligraphic artifacts discovered in these ancient languages ​​suggest that calligraphy predates Islam. Nonetheless, due to the region’s unification under the Arabic language and its devotion to writing, it was unmistakably the spread of Islam that created a great era of calligraphy throughout the ancient Middle East. .

Evolution of Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy, an art form modified in its main applications beyond geographic growth. The need to preserve the word of God through the book, the Koran and to communicate is at the origin of Arabic calligraphy. Over the years, calligraphy has evolved into forms of architecture, design, decorations and coin designs.

Arabic calligraphy developed during the period into two recognizable families:

Tools used for Arabic calligraphy

The tools that were used for calligraphy differ from ancient and modern times. Traditional calligraphy writing tools included a quill, nib holder, and ink. Arabic calligraphy pens are made from reed and rigid wood. The ink that was used in ancient times was water soluble, mistakes were wiped out with a damp cloth. Black is the traditional ink color of Arabic calligraphy. However, now a wide variety of ink colors are used.

Here are some of the tools commonly used in Arabic calligraphy:

  • Qalam pen
  • Khamish pen
  • Bamboo pen
  • Java pen
  • Hand pen
  • Celi pen
  • Ahar paper
  • Ink

Modern Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is a strict tradition and is now also a source of inspiration for modern art. Many artists created their styles and methods for Arabic calligraphy. Showcase these styles on letters, jewelry, digital designs, canvases, and paper.

In Arabic calligraphy, an entire word can be presented in a few strokes or a single letter can be uniquely designed. Calligraphic works known to be written on paper are framed and used for decorative purposes.

This art form has had a huge impact on all parts of the world and has influenced many cultures. Many art universities are now encouraged to make Arabic calligraphy a priority for the importance of the art form and how it brings a unique artistic style. Not only is it a language used for communication, in matters of literature, but it is also one of the most expressive languages. It has become a creative art form and an important decorative piece for all artists and designers. Calligraphy is now present among many contemporary artists who influence urban and street arts and graphic design.

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