What is a calligraphy haircut? See inspiration for the trend

  • The calligraphy haircut was invented by a German hairdresser.
  • The haircut technique uses a razor-like calligraphy knife.
  • The calligraphy cut is ideal for adding volume to thin hair.

There are popular haircuts like the shag, bob, and pixie that you are probably very familiar with, but there are also more obscure styles that you may never have heard of before, like the calligraphy haircut. , which is not a type of haircut as much as it is a technique of haircut. Let us explain.

The word calligraphy is most often associated with a particular writing style using a pen or brush, but a calligraphy cut is all about the hair. “The calligraphy cut comes from the calligraphy knife, which was invented by German barber Frank Brormann,” Schwarzkopf Professional hairdresser Antoine Vincent said POPSUGAR. “The hair is cut at a 21 degree angle, which leaves the hair softer and fuller.”

The calligraphy knife is a long, thin metal instrument with a sharp blade at the end, which is used for cutting hair, like a razor. The soft finish this special knife gives your ends is similar to the appearance of a razor-sharp haircut, but “a calligraphy cut requires a specially designed blade,” Vincent said.

One of the main advantages of this particular haircut style is the volume. “[It’s] a way to add volume to your hair but with softer lines, ”said Vincent. This makes calligraphy cuts ideal for those with thin or flat hair. “People should go out and try one to fully experience it. It’s a fun and special way to try something new if your stylist does that specific haircut. “

It should be noted that just because you get a calligraphy haircut doesn’t mean it will necessarily be the only tool used in the cut. “I use three different tools when I cut because I like each one for different times of the haircut,” Vincent said.

To see the calligraphy haircut in action, watch the upcoming video, followed by some hair inspiration.

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