‘What a Wonderful World’ exhibition opens at Coffs Harbor Showground – News Of The Area

Exhibition hanging committee: (behind) Ken, Kevin and Sue, (front) Vinnie, Mary, Libby and Maxine.

‘WHAT a Wonderful World’ is the newest art exhibition from Coffs Harbor Creative Arts Group (CHCAG) which will open at 2pm on Sunday 22nd May.

With its ‘home’ gallery at the Coffs Harbor Showground, CHCAG has been busy with the Coffs Harbor Show art exhibition.

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“All of the artwork from the Coffs Harbor Show has been taken down and our CHCAG team have been busy hanging the next exhibit, the ‘What a Wonderful World’ art exhibit,” Isabella Brandli said, speaking on Name of the group.

This is a double exhibition, with CHCAG members sharing works in a range of mediums including watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, pastel, and more. and Coffs Calligraphers celebrates its tenth anniversary at the Showground Gallery, sponsored by CHCAG.

Coffs Calligraphers was established in 1986 to foster and promote the art of calligraphy in and around the region.

They meet on the second Saturday of each month to study, practice and teach a variety of calligraphic styles in a friendly, supportive and social atmosphere.

President Nerise Windsor said, “Calligraphy, as taught and practiced by Coffs calligraphers, is more than putting pen to paper; it is writing on leaves, rocks, umbrellas, clothes and bodies, as well as making books and papers.

What a Wonderful World is on view until Wednesday, July 6.

The Gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., free admission.

All works are for sale.

“This is your chance to get a unique, local, original piece of art,” Isabella said.

There is also a public prize, announced at the end of the exhibition.

“So don’t forget to vote for your favorite work of art…winning a People’s Choice is a wonderful validation of the appeal of an artist’s work.”

For more information on classes, workshops or special interest groups (porcelain painting, calligraphy and printmaking), see the Coffs Harbor Creative Arts Group website, Facebook page or email. [email protected] or call 0428 491 862.


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