Tucson Meet Yourself is back with a smaller footprint, a new dance festival | Arts and theater

Food vendors representing more than 20 cultural regions, including Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Poland, Egypt, Jamaica, as well as local indigenous tribes, will be on site. Rope walkways and signage will encourage and monitor social distancing in case of queues. Take-out options and multiple reserved parking spaces will also be available for take-out meals only.

“We’re reframing it this year,” Alvarez said. “It’s as if we were learning from it to find that ideal point of balance. “

Alvarez said organizers believe they have found their happiness with the 2019 festival, which was the biggest of the event.

“2019 has been a spectacular year,” she said. “It was the best, the biggest and the most amazing in every way with 150,000 people in attendance. It’s not the only measure, but we were just like touching this perfect spot.

The success of 2019 filled the gaps of 2018, when rain flooded the event and reduced overall attendance.

“For the first time in 45 years, it rained, 2 ½ inches of rain,” Alvarez said. “But people came with umbrellas and ponchos. The lines were long and people waded through the mud. It was a smaller crowd, about 30% smaller, but because the festival was so big, we could absorb it.

The Takoyaki Balls booth opened in 2015 to share the authentic tastes of Japan. Takoyaki balls are octopus balls.

Steven Meckler, courtesy of Tucson

Here are the novelties

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