Top 10 Anime On Making Anime And Manga

The anime industry is very difficult to break into, but with anime being as popular as it is, many fans are hoping to someday become a big name in the field. From writers to voice actors, anime is an attractive but demanding career, and many artists express their frustrations with the industry through their art, creating anime that explore the dark and the dark sides of the profession.

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Many anime explore the difficulties faced by its animators, directors, producers, and voice actors in creating their art, but some do it better than others. Some use a light tone to present the processes as appealingly as possible, but others go on the darker side of things, warning newcomers and fans that the industry is not all sun and roses. .

ten Shirobako

three of the main characters of Shirobako, reading scripts in a circle

Shirobako – the name means “white box” – is a great anime directed by a woman who passes the Bechdel test with flying colors. The story follows a group of college students who promise to work on an anime together one day after graduation, and each take a job in the industry to achieve their goals.

Shirobako is one of the most accurate anime about making anime. The main character, Aoi, works as a production assistant and is involved in many departments that go into making an anime. The show follows the production of two types of anime, an original series and a manga adaptation, showing the struggles and victories the studio goes through to produce the work.

9 Hands off Eizouken

the three main characters of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken posing in the middle of the street

Hands off Eizouken! follows three girls as they attempt to create animated short films despite opposition from their school, classmates and parents. Each of the main girls has a specific talent that they bring to the table: budgeting, concept design, and actual animation.

from Eizouken Representation of the animation industry does a lot of things, especially the tight deadlines and strict standards that animators must adhere to. One of the girls, Kanamori, maintains strict rules and budgets which often mean artists have to compromise on their vision, but they continually come together to create something beautiful.

8 Remake our life

a girl with blue hair sits at a computer drawing a beautiful anime drawing in Remake Our Life

A budding but unlucky game developer, Kyoya, is transported 10 years in the past and has the opportunity to rebuild his life. He befriends a group of talented individuals – an artist, singer, and writer – and sets out to try and become a successful developer. However, not everything goes perfectly and Kyoya has to deal with her insecurities while helping her friends overcome theirs.

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Together, the group makes different types of short films and a novel-type visual game using an anime style for the characters. Remake our life shows the ugly side of production and explores what drives artists, how they work together and what it takes to create something big.

7 Bakuman

the two main characters of Bakuman enthusiastically reading thick volumes of manga

Artist Mashiro and writer Takagi attempt to publish a manga together, battling personal insecurities as well as Mashiro’s fear of overworking. Overwork is a serious problem in the creative industry, and Bakuman delicately explores the subject, examining why manga takes so long to make and why creators sometimes have to take breaks.

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The story is heartfelt and heartfelt, with two friends teaming up to create something they can be proud of while standing by their standards. They also team up with Azuki, an aspiring voice actress, whom Mashiro promises to marry once their manga is popular enough to get an anime adaptation.

6 Comic party

main comic party characters at manga convention pink haired girl gives blue haired boy money

Inspired by Comiket, a famous anime and manga convention in Tokyo, and originally a dating simulation video game, Comic party follows Kazuki as he attempts to create and sell doujinshi (self-published) manga alongside his friends. Despite opposition from his childhood friend, Kazuki forms a team and goes through the difficult but rewarding process of creating a manga.

Kazuki’s childhood friend struggles to come to terms with his new career, but seeing his passion and attending some conventions with him is enough to convince her on her side. Unlike many anime in which the main character is overpowered from the start, Kazuki starts off with moderate talent but doesn’t rise in popularity overnight, struggling and doing his best to create a job he can be proud of.

5 Seiyu’s life

two Sore Ga Seiyuu characters speaking into recording microphones and holding scripts

Sore Ga Seiyuu is an anime about three new voice actresses – Futaba, Ichigo, and Rin – who are struggling to be successful in the world of anime dubbing. Finding little success and limited roles, the three friends launch a radio show to boost their popularity.

Many voice actors deserve more credit for their work, and this show explains exactly why. From the first frame of the show, the comedians are shown doing their best to work while facing demanding producers and competition from much more famous actors. The characters are cute and the story makes them love the audience, which makes them easy to take root.

4 Genshiken

five main characters from Genshiken sitting around a table making manga

Genshiken, short for “The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture,” follows a group of otaku (Japanese slang for geeky or nerdy types) as they explore anime-related hobbies such as going in Akihabara, play video games and cosplay. The second generation of the club is run by yaoi fan Ogiue, who draws manga and often recruits the club to help him complete his missions.

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Genshiken the portrayal of otaku culture has a lot in common with other cartoons such as Good star and Welcome to NHK, starring otakus and highlighting the club’s hobbies.

3 Barakamon

the main character of Barakamon holding a calligraphy brush while a little girl sits on her lap, two other girls are by her side

Handa, a famous calligrapher, moves to a remote island to develop his own style of calligraphy after being told he is too “manual” to be successful in the art industry. Handa is childish and temperamental, but he comes to admire the islanders and gets along with Naru, a reckless young girl who is in trouble around Handa’s house.

Besides Handa, several characters in the series are also interested in the art industry, especially Tamako, who is an aspiring manga artist. This good-natured anime is a fun and relaxing watch, as Handa improves his craft and gets to know the people around him that he thought weird and old-fashioned at first.

2 Girl number

the main character of Girlish Number speaking into a recording microphone and holding a script

Chitose is an overconfident voice actor who blames the industry for her lack of fame until she gets a role in an idol anime alongside four other actresses. Chitose is self-centered and eager to be recognized, imagining herself at some point on a red carpet surrounded by adoring fans, and often acts badly towards her peers due to her cunning and brash nature.

Girl number doesn’t pull his punches when it comes to examining the anime industry, and he often brings up the darker side of it, portraying the producers and directors of the Chitose show as people interference and greedy that will intimidate their workers into doing what they are told.

1 Monthly Nozaki-Kun for Girls

Sakura from Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun smiling and holding a manga page

A great romantic anime to check out, even for non-anime fans, Monthly Nozaki-kun for Girls follows Sakura as she tries to get noticed by manga artist Nozaki. Nozaki’s manga plays a huge role in the series, as it allows Sakura to get closer to Nozaki by becoming his assistant and features many funny characters who help Nozaki in his job.

The anime explores the difficulties of being a manga artist in a humorous way. For example, Nozaki tries out different cosplay costumes to understand how his characters are feeling. As Sakura tries to confess her love to Nozaki, the artist is more concerned with making good manga and often prioritizes her work, remaining oblivious to Sakura’s feelings.

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