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HYDERABAD: Modern neuroscience suggests that when we write by hand, a unique neural activity in our brain is activated, which is akin to meditation. Some of the famous writers such as Stephen King, Franz Kafka, F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, who all had access to a typewriter or even a computer, chose to put a pen on paper while creating much of it. their work. In a world of computers, texts and letters, the Deccan Pen Store in Ameerpet and Abids, which was established in 1928, continues to sell handcrafted fountain and ink pens.

Mir Najaf Ali Khan, the grandson of VII Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Osman Ali Khan, is an avid fountain pen user. Both his grandfather and father bought pens from Deccan Pen Store, which imported pens from the UK. “The pleasure of writing with an ink pen is immeasurable. The immersive contentment of sitting on a desk with an inkwell, stylus, and ink-stained fabric and papers is lost today. Writing with these pens takes a lot of patience, persistence and concentration, which modern people have lost.

The Deccan Pen Store offers timeless, ornate and handcrafted ink pens, adaptable to every hand. Whether scribbling, doodling, writing, writing, calligraphy, or drawing, you can get them all. “We have custom pens for writers who hold their pens at a certain angle, those who need a specific type of grip and a particular speed,” says Salman Siddiqui, one of the owners of the Deccan. Pens Store.

The company began making craft pens in the 1960s. Prior to that, Salman’s grandfather, company founder Sabi Siddiqui, imported craft pens from the company’s handmade pens. Conway Stewart in the UK. “These pens were a symbol of luxury among the nobles of Hyderabad, who adored them,” adds the co-owner of the pen store Hassan Siddiqui.

“Until the 1960s, ink pens were widespread throughout the city. Subsequently, ink pens appeared on the market, followed by ballpoint pens, but Hyderabdis’ love of fountain pens never ended. There were a lot of people, like a few Urdu writers, who preferred only fountain pens, ”says Salman.

Deccan Pen Store began making its branded, handcrafted ink pens in the early 1970s. Even though the market had cheaper and more efficient pens, there were still lovers of the good old fountain pens. “Although the sale of fountain pens has declined, many hobbyists, professional writers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, bureaucrats and celebrities still use personalized Deccan ink pens,” Salman adds.

According to Najaf Ali Khan, Mir Osman Ali Khan has repeatedly donated pens from the Deccan Pen Store to his office store in the city. The Deccan pen store now offers custom engraved steel nibs, gold nibs for fountain pens, in addition to a personalized grip, adapted to the style of the writer.

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