Tiger Woods asks for an autograph and a fun photo shoot with a DJ in Augusta

It’s only Monday and Augusta National has already given us so much

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hello friends and happy Masters Monday to you and yours! I have some fun personal updates that I urge you all to pretend you care about before getting into the really good stuff. I had my very first clubfitting on Friday and it was amazing. I can’t wait to get new clubs for the first time in over a decade and hope to bring in three less this season. I also chatted with Jena Sims about her new line of Steve Madden golf shoes, so keep an eye out for that upcoming video.

Place for the Masters. I love this Tiger video, so I wanted to share it with you all.

My colleague Tim Reilly also saw something amazing at Augusta this morning that you all deserve to see. Rahm’s shopping cart was out!

And now for my official updates and thoughts.

Tiger arrives in Augusta again

I discussed Tiger Tuesday’s trip to Augusta ad nauseam here, but a lot has happened since. On Sunday, we (sort of) received an update on Tiger’s Masters plans.

A decision in game time! How about that? Going forward, I will respond to all my commitments with the same level of vagueness. Am I going to meet my friends in a bar? Game time decision. Attending a family event? Game time decision. My goal will be to generate 1% of the commotion caused by the above tweet from Tiger. In all seriousness, however, it is crazy to think about how far Tiger has come over the past year.

Tiger played it in Augusta on Sunday and surprise, surprise, the golf world went crazy yet again. He wasn’t wearing his typical Sunday red, but I’m willing to ignore it because of how cool he looks anyway. Also, the internet freaked out because of the shoes Tiger was wearing. He must be the only 46-year-old man on the planet whose shoes are close to our hearts.

Also, a huge shout out to the Masters social team for putting together the best content of the year. If You Do One Thing After Reading This, Check How Good It Is instagram and Twitter the pages are.

Tiger asks for an autograph

Tiger signed over six million autographs in his lifetime. It’s a number I just made up, but things took a turn for Tiger this week when he asked David Lynn for his autograph.

I unfortunately had to google “Who is David Lynn?” before this article, but Tiger’s note is awesome.

“Dear Dave,

Would you be so kind as to sign the photo and return it to me at Jupiter Island, please, this is for my personal collection and not for resale.

All my wishes


A few things to note here. I think this is the first time I see Tiger’s calligraphy. Decent writing! Also, I like that he made it clear that the autograph is not for sale. If Tiger asked me to sign something, he could do whatever he wanted with it (although I don’t think it would do much on eBay). And finally, it’s a particularly niche image that makes me wonder what Tiger’s entire “personal collection” looks like.

Bobs season

Congratulations to 16-year-old (!) Anna Davis, who won the Augusta National Women’s Amateur on Saturday. Not only did she play incredible golf, but she sparked a pro-hat discussion on the interweb.

Even Joel Dahmen, another member of the bucket hat-wearing community, took notice.

Imagine not only winning on a national stage, but your style influencing the world of golf at 16? I wore boat shoes and struggled to make the starting lineup for my high school golf team at that age, so I personally can’t relate to Davis. But I’m really excited to see where his career goes from here.

Drive, chip and putt highlights

If you didn’t feel bad about your own game after watching Anna Davis make history at Augusta National on Saturday, Drive, Chip and Putt talent surely did the trick.

We all know these kids can play golf. That’s why they are there. What really makes the event, in my opinion, are the interviews and behind the scenes of the day, because let’s face it, the children are really funny.

First up we have Kylie Chung, who won the girls 10-11 division and then gave an amazing interview.

His aplomb! His confidence level. I can’t wait to see Chung play the Augusta Women’s National Amateur game one day.

Then we have Lucky Cruz (unbelievable name, by the way).

Cruz fears nothing. Imagine taking a picture with a two-time major champion and giving him bunny ears? The whole video is hilarious and with that sense of humor I can’t help but wonder if Cruz is the next Max Homa.

And finally, my favorite part of the day was all about Autumn Solesbee.

You can read all about the incredible story of autumn here, but she was in foster care when she was seven and was adopted just two years ago. On Sunday, she won at Augusta National. Today, she’s probably back in her third grade class, but in her post-victory interview, Autumn mentioned that she was going to throw a big party to celebrate her Drive, Chip and Putt victory. As she should.

Darren Clarke’s letter to Ian Poulter

Richard Bland may not have met the criteria to earn an invitation to the Masters on Sunday, but Ian Poulter made sure to make him feel better.

And luckily for us, that resulted in sharing an incredible Darren Clarke story.

Sending a note from the Masters to a guy who wasn’t invited is such a hilarious power move. And having players, including Tiger, sign him just takes it to the next level. This further confirms my theory that (aside from Max Homa) the Euros are the funniest guys on Tour.

A friendship that fascinates me

JT and Spieth. Molinari and Fleetwood. Tiger Woods and Claire Rogers.

There are a handful of bromances on the PGA Tour, and I’m all-in on this new potential: Dustin Johnson and Harry Higgs.

DJ and Harry Higgs refueled at Augusta on Sunday

Claude Harmon

Claude Harmon shared a photo of Austin Johnson, Garrick Higgo, Harry Higgs and DJ at Augusta on Sunday and it got me thinking. Could this be the friendship the PGA Tour needs? An unwittingly hilarious major champion and the people’s golfer? Both make us laugh, but for completely different reasons. For example, Higgs took his shirt off at waste management. And DJ gives us great interviews like this.

Here’s more great content from both of them. Let’s hope together.

What I’m most excited for this week

It’s the Masters! There are so many things to look forward to. But I’m most excited for honorary starters (I still cry watching them play. Is that embarrassing to admit? Maybe), seeing what Tiger does, and enjoying Trader Joe’s best snacks money can buy. while watching golf. I want to see legendary Masters scorer Jeff Knox play this weekend, and I want some fans to make a difference.

It’s been a great week, folks.

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