The Sadiquain Calligraphy Master Remembered Today

ISLAMABAD: The nation will remember Sadiquain calligraphy maestro Ahmad Naqvi on his 92nd birthday celebrated on Thursday (today).

He was born into a family of calligraphers in Amroha, India on June 30, 1930 and emigrated to Pakistan after partition.

The national calligrapher has earned immense respect and inspired millions around the world with his magical works.

He was known as one of the best painters and calligraphers in the history of Pakistan.

In calligraphy he created his own distinct expression outside of the traditional angular and cursive style which gave him a sublime identity in the art world.

The master of the art painted many colossal murals and drew illustrations that still adorn the walls of public buildings in Pakistan and India.

“Quest for Knowledge” is one of his finest and most famous murals, exhibited in the Lahore Museum.

The famous Pakistani artist had also written thousands of powerful poetic verses in Rubaiyat and Marsia as he also had a perfect command of poetry.

He had a staunch devotional connection with his artistic skills and never worked for material gain as he rejected many attractive monetary offers and repeatedly offered his artwork to the public.

Recognizing his contributions in the discipline of fine arts, the government of Pakistan awarded him Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, the President’s Medal of Honor, Sitar e Imtiaz and Nishan e Pakistan.

In 1961, the French government praising Sadiquain’s work awarded him the “Biennale de Paris” prize, and the Australian government awarded him the “Cultural Prize” in 1975.

Sadiquain, the Pakistani legend left this world with his over 15,000 works of art on February 10, 1987 in Karachi, but his unique name, magical work and distinct identity will never be forgotten.

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