The best ways to express your creativity

Creativity is the use of the imagination to showcase your feelings, invent something, and inspire people.

It doesn’t require a lot of time or skill; you just have to experiment to find the best tool and decide on an area of ​​expertise. If you love art, you are probably familiar with the different mediums available on the market; However, you may also be confused due to the variety of options. Not knowing where to start is normal for creatives; However, you can always ask Google for help in such cases. Here is a list of the best methods by which you can try to express your creative side. Play and find what suits and excites you the most.


1. Lettering

It is not calligraphy or drawing; lettering is an art that showcases the beauty of an alphabet in a word, without complicated tools. If you’ve never tried lettering, you’re missing out on a lot! Lettering tools mainly include brush pens, ink pens, pencils, heavy paper, and exercise sheets, if needed. To do well, you need to improve your writing, for which you use the practice sheets.

2. Digital art

If you have tried acrylic paint, oil paint, pencil art, etc. and you find that they don’t satisfy your creative mind, maybe it’s time to give digital art a try. Traditionally, digital art has always required a stylus and a tablet to draw; However, nowadays artists can use laptops to create digital art and reduce expenses, there is no need for extra weight for your backpack anymore. So if you want to get started with digital art, maybe try it with a laptop and see if that’s the right option for you. If you think a graphics tablet is much better, you can buy one and connect it to your laptop later.

3. Scribble

People seem to think that the word doodle just means that you are drawing shapes that don’t make sense together, so it can’t be considered art. The truth is, it’s already an art widely recognized by adult drawing books and online artists on social media like Youtube and Facebook. Doodleing is an art that depends on patterns, and it’s a creative medium that might be right for you if you’re looking for an option that’s different from traditional methods. You can also doodle both on paper and digitally on your laptop or tablet.

4. Coloring

Surprise! Even coloring can be a form of expression that can be used to showcase your creativity. Colors express feelings, and the way you color the sunset in a coloring book may reflect exactly how you perceive the picture and your mood when coloring.

Coloring 2.png

Overall, showing and expressing your feelings creatively by engaging in creative activities helps overcome depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Your artistic side shouldn’t be hidden from the world, so even if you color, draw or doodle on paper only, you can still show your creative side on your social media. Use your laptop or tablet to show people how you stay creative and encourage others to do the same.

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