The 9 Best Erasable Pens

To get the satisfying look of an error-free written page, an erasable pen is a must. The best erasable pens write smoothly and erase cleanly without leaving residue or tearing pages. Erasable pens are ideal for informal uses like taking notes, writing in diaries and doing crossword puzzles, since the the ink does Actually to erase (it simply disappears due to the increase in temperature caused by the friction of erasing). In other words, don’t use them for important documents or written materials that need long-term storage.

When shopping for an erasable pen, there are plenty of options to match your favorite standard ink pen. Erasable inks are generally designed to produce the same type of lines produced by gel or ballpoint pen models – they can even be used for highlighters. The size of the feathers also varies. Some erasable pens have bold 1 millimeter tips, while other tips are as fine as 0.38 millimeters. Erasable pens will always come with an eraser attached, so you won’t have to worry about keeping track of a handheld.

You can also look for small design details that make writing easier, such as ergonomic handles and side clips for portability. Erasable pens can have a tip or a retractable cap. Either way, be sure to use these features to prevent the ink from drying out.

Scroll my selects the best erasable pens currently on Amazon.


A pack of 3 popular erasable pens.

Fans of retractable pens will appreciate this three-pack Pilot FriXion clickersavailable in black, blue and red. The gel-style pens produce smooth 0.7 millimeter lines that erase cleanly using the eraser caps at the end of each barrel. Plastic clips make them easy to attach to coil binders and pockets, and the barrels can be reused if you purchase ink chamber refillswhich is helpful in reducing plastic waste.

One fan raved: “I’m impressed with the cleanliness of the ink and its ability to fix a mistake. I was introduced to them when I purchased my Rocketbook…now I use these pens all the time when doing my office work. I no longer have to worry about the white veil. I LIKE THIS!”


An economical set of erasable ballpoint pens

At around 50 cents each, Paper Mate’s 12-pack Eraser Mate Pens are of great value. The black ink produces the results of a standard 1 millimeter ballpoint pen, with the added benefit of being erasable. Simply make corrections using the eraser built into the pen’s plastic cap. One reviewer recommended cleaning the eraser after heavy use for best results, but overall many were happy with how easily marks are removed.

One fan raved: “These pens are excellent value for money. The pens [write] smooth and have a low smudge factor from what I’ve experienced. They have a comfortable grip and balance for small hands (children) or large hands (adults). My son and I both love these pens and think they glide very well. […] I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a comfortable, well-balanced writing pen with the added ability to be erasable.


A set of best selling colorful erasable pens

With an overall rating of 4.7 stars and 70,000 reviews, these FriXion clickers by Pilot are the best-selling gel pens on Amazon. The 10-pack features a rainbow of colors and draws 0.7 millimeter fine lines. Each pen has a retractable nib with a built-in clip and eraser, and a rubber grip on the plastic barrel makes writing comfortable. Several reviewers noted that the ink flows smoothly, and another enthusiastic reviewer insisted that “the no-mess eraser tip really erases every spot!”

One fan raved: “These are AMAZING! The only pen I plan to use in the future. […] They write very well and erase well. The eraser leaves no residue, not even those little flakes you blow off. It’s like magic!”


A premium erasable pen delivered in a nice gift box

the FriXion Ball LX combines the convenience of an erasable pen with the look of a luxury writing tool. The erasable blue ink is housed in a sleek brushed metal body with chrome accents at the tip and clip, and the sleek packaging makes it ideal for gifts. The pen draws a fine line of 0.7 millimeters, but an Amazon reviewer found it could accommodate extra-fine lines as well. 0.5 millimeter refills. The eraser can be concealed with a sturdy cap that matches the body of the pen, and the nib is retractable to protect it between uses. This pen is also available in six colors, including unexpected shades like lime and gold.

One fan raved: “I LOVE FRIXION PENS. Like, I seriously love them and my one and only complaint is that they don’t really look good or [elegant] looking at. The LX erased my only complaint. Pretty, sleek and with a bit more heft than their regular editions, they’re pure perfect. They still write very smoothly and erase easily.


A set of erasable pens for crossword enthusiasts

ByKoo’s erasable gel pens are advertised as being ideal for solving crosswords and Sudoku puzzles, but their use need not be limited to brain games. A 12-pack includes six black pens and six blue pens, each with a 0.7 millimeter tip. It’s easy to make corrections using the rubber erasers on the end of the pens, and the plastic clip doubles as a retractable clicker. You can also brand multipacks in different ink color combinations.

One fan raved: “I’m a crossword buff with vision problems, so I need a writing instrument that makes dark marks. And since I’m bad at spelling, I erase a lot. […] I am completely satisfied with them. They write smooth and full, erase cleanly, and have a soft grip that’s very comfortable in my tired old hands. If you are looking for a good erasable ink pin, this is what you want.


An extra-thin erasable pen that writes in four colors

If you’re someone who likes to write in different colors, you can eliminate the need for multiple pens with the FriXion Ball 4 driver. The erasable pen lets you switch between black, blue, green and red ink with just one click, and the extra-fine 0.5 millimeter tip is a rare find for a ballpoint pen. The wide plastic body is available in champagne gold and a matching rubber grip is included for added comfort. To quote one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer, the only downside to owning this pen is that “everyone keeps trying to steal it.” The nib is retractable and there is a built-in eraser at the end of the pen.

One fan raved: “It’s my favorite pen and I carry it around at work. As a clinical researcher, I love the multiple colors and quality of the ink, even for leftist writers like me. No messy trail. The signature and data look professional and amazing.”


A multicolored set ideal for drawing

Add sparkle to your writing with these colorful erasable gel pens by Vanstek. The 15-pack covers every color on the spectrum and breaks down to less than a dollar per pen. Retractable pawls protect inks from drying out while soft rubber grips help reduce hand fatigue. The fine nibs produce smooth 0.7 millimeter lines and, according to an Amazon reviewer, the ink dries faster than other brands.

One fan raved: “Excellent value for money for an erasable pen. Erases by friction/heat. The colors are all vibrant and each pen tip is sealed with a ball of wax upon arrival. After removing the ball, the pens write smoothly and beautifully. Beautiful black ink that glides on evenly when writing. Erases cleanly. These are just like the brand’s erasable pens but at a fraction of the price. On top of that, you get so many more colors! I love them!”


A set of black gel ink pens.

The Lineon 15 Pack gel pens is designed for anyone who primarily uses black ink for writing tasks. Each pen has a 0.7 millimeter tip that retracts with a plastic clip, and the ink is easy to erase using the domed eraser on the end. The plastic body is translucent so you can keep an eye on your ink level, while a comfortable rubber grip makes the pen easy to hold when jotting things down. Many enthusiastic reviewers have agreed that the fluidity of the ink makes these erasable pens comparable to name brand options.

One fan raved: “Best erasable pen I’ve tried […] Last the longest, write the smoothest and easiest to open and close with one hand. Will only buy this brand from now on.


A pack of erasable gel pens that draw bold lines

This version of FriXion erasable pen draw a bold 1 millimeter line in gel-style black ink. The solid black plastic body has a matching eraser at the end and a textured rubber grip near the tip for added comfort. A retractable nib saves you the worry of lost caps, while a plastic clip makes the pen easy to carry in your pocket or attach to a book at any time. An Amazon reviewer gave this 12-pack the ultimate thumbs up, writing, “These pens have changed my life!!”

One fan raved: “I was looking for a long time [an] erasable pen with a bolder tip……….finally found! I am very happy! I was so sick of all the very thin pen tips. I was looking for a pen to do puzzles like word search, crosswords etc. It appears better and much easier for my tired old eyes.


Also great: a vibrant set of erasable highlighters

Mark important sections of text with Pilot’s erasable highlighters. The five-pack produces translucent gel-style lines in a variety of pastel shades. There is a chisel tip applicator on one end and a silicone eraser on the other. A cap prevents ink from drying out while a handy clip can be used as a bookmark for where you’ve highlighted notes or a passage of text. One reviewer was “blown away” by the fact that these markers didn’t bleed through thin pages, while another added, “I wonder how I ever lived without them.”

One fan raved: “It works like a regular wet highlighter, but it sits on top of the page instead of soaking in. It is completely erasable. You can see the text clearly through the colors – they are very pale which I like. […] I’ve been using them for several months now and haven’t had a single dry color. They last as long as other pen highlighters, and they work better for Bible pages than any highlighter I’ve ever tried…and I’ve tried MANY. Highly recommend.”

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