The 7 Best Android Apps to Practice Calligraphy and Improve Your Handwriting

It’s never too late to learn a skill. If you’ve ever wanted to learn calligraphy or just improve your handwriting, now you can get started with these Android apps.

The apps will walk you through the process step by step so you can gradually learn the tips and tricks to writing beautifully. The target audience for some of these apps is children. However, adults can benefit from the lessons just as much.

So, let’s look at seven of the best Android apps you can use to practice calligraphy and improve your handwriting.

1. Lazy dog

LazyDog is a calligraphy and cursive writing app. This app provides more than five writing styles to help you practice calligraphy and writing skills to improve your handwriting.

These styles include monoline copperplate, black letter, basic italic cursive, comic lettering, and more. The app provides different tips for the writer on where to add pressure and when to use pen strokes and angles.

When you start practicing a particular style, you’ll receive constant feedback on your strokes and writing, and you’ll be encouraged by remarks like “Not bad” or “Well done.” You can start practicing with words, capitals or custom words, depending on your preference.


To download: lazy dog (Free)

2. Pen

Stylograph is quite a useful and simple app for learning new handwriting fonts and calligraphy styles. This application offers more than 20 handwriting scripts in 20 different colors. It also helps you choose between round and square pen or brush to practice freely.

Stylograph gives you the option to choose from alphabets, numbers and words to start practicing. Once you choose the category, it allows you to choose the script and even allows you to choose the word of your choice.

This app gives immediate feedback on your handwriting accuracy by giving a reading on the accuracy meter from zero to 100%, helping you improve with every practice session. Moreover, the app also allows you to erase, undo, swap and share your writing.

To download: Stylist (Free)

3. Cursive Calligraphic ABC

If you are interested in cursive writing, Cursive Calligraphy ABC is your app. It offers a combination of cursive and calligraphy and lets you choose from both alphabet types.

You can practice all alphabets, or random lowercase or uppercase letters from cursive alphabets. The same goes for calligraphy alphabets – they allow both upper and lower case.

When practicing cursive alphabets, the app first shows how to write by filling the letter with different colors and then makes you practice it. In the case of calligraphy, practice numbers with arrows are given to point you in the right direction and a precise line. The writing is very professional and can be used by both children and adults.

To download: cursive calligraphic ABC (Free)

4. Calligrapher

Calligrapher - Created Art

If you want to create new calligraphy styles, write and practice freely, and choose from a variety of backgrounds and colors, Calligrapher has it all for you. This application uses different types of pens and pencils to help you create calligraphic designs on different backgrounds.

There are four types of pens, with different widths and thicknesses depending on the speed of movement. They all create different styles, allow different colors of lines and backgrounds, and also help you save your art in the gallery for future use.

The app also has a pro version which offers advanced features. For example, you can change the tilt angles of the pencils to different degrees to create unique calligraphic designs.

To download: Calligraph (Free and premium version available)

5. Flourish

Flourish - Pens and brushes

Flourish is a digital calligraphy app for Android that helps you practice handwriting. This application contains more than 50 tracing alphabets as well as hand drawn calligrams to practice. You can also choose different background textures once you are done tracing.

The app provides you with a number of pens, brushes, and markers to help you create different designs. Moreover, it also allows to choose multiple colors as the background for your art.

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You can save your art in the gallery and use it later. This app also has a pro version that unlocks certain pens and markers, background fonts and designs, and tracing words.

To download: to bloom (Free and premium version available)

6. Easy cursive writing

This app is an easy cursive writing learning app that can benefit different age groups, mainly school children. The app contains two modes: easy mode and self-learning mode.

Easy mode allows you to see the demo plot initially and then plot it yourself. Self-learning mode lets you choose your particular style and creates worksheets of your chosen alphabets and practices.

When you open the app, it gives you the slides to help you understand how the app works, and once you’ve read you can get started. You can zoom in and out on your self-created spreadsheets and you can also change the pen size. This app has no in-app purchases and is also lightweight.

To download: Easy cursive writing (Free)

7. Cursive Writing Assistant

Cursive writing assistant - Stratup

This application is very useful for new learners, especially children who have started to master writing. The cursive writing assistant allows you to draw simple alphabets, numbers, words, lines and signs.

The app makes tracing fun by adding sounds and animated stickers, and animating letters and games as you complete them.

It saves your progress and generates reports, and helps to create profiles. The settings allow changing the font, playing time, working in left-handed mode, and many other things.

The cursive writing assistant also allows teachers and parents to customize tracing alphabets, numbers and words based on the child’s educational level. This app also has a paid version which gives you access to worksheets, adding extra words and other features.

To download: cursive writing assistant (Free in-app purchases available)

Improve your writing with these apps

Practice is key here, as is learning any skill. These apps won’t magically make you a calligrapher unless you practice daily. Try a few of these apps to find the right one for you. Each app offers unique features that you might find useful.

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