The 5 best drugstore liquid eyeliners

Even the most experienced cat eye designers can struggle without the right liquid eyeliner. While it’s tempting to go the prestige route, more expensive doesn’t always mean better when it comes to eyeliner (or any makeup, really). But finding the best drugstore liquid eyeliners is as easy as considering your favorite look – for example, graphic and bold or razor-sharp – and the type of tool you work with best. Oily lids or sweaty workouts will require waterproof formulas, while liners marketed as stain removers should be durable enough for an average day.

When choosing a liquid eyeliner, it is also helpful to consider the ink delivery method. Markers, for example, are great if you prefer to draw literally on your lines, as the marker-like applicator disperses the formula evenly and glides on smoothly so there is less chance of jumps or bumps. There are also liquid brush tip liners which require a more stable hand since you are The painting the product on your eyelids, it is therefore preferable to reserve them for those who have already mastered the technique. Because the brushes in these liners tend to be the thinnest, they’re great for getting closer to the lash line (you’ll want to allow for more drying time, however, as the formula tends to be more fluid). You’ll find both of these options in this guide to the best drugstore liquid eyeliners, coming soon.

1. Best waterproof liquid eyeliner pen

This liquid eyeliner from Maybelline is a fan favorite on Amazon, with over 23,000 five and up star reviews. Offering a waterproof formula for up to 24 hours of wear time, the EyeStudio Hyper Easy Liquid Liner uses a hexagonal shaped pen to give you a better, more stable grip. To promote better control, the brand’s flexible tip applicator flexes slightly as you draw over your lines, so the black pigment settles evenly without skipping.

2. Best washable liquid eyeliner pen

You don’t always need a waterproof formula for a liner that stays put all day. Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner, from L’Oréal’s Infallible line, resists smudges for up to 12 hours, but washes off immediately without the aid of a strong makeup remover. The felt tip ensures a seamless application with even coverage so you can go from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer corner in one pass. Press gently for a line as thin as the tapered tip of the pen, or press more firmly for a thicker wing.

3. Best liquid eyeliner with super fine tip

For the finest lines and closest to the lashes possible, the COVERGIRL Get In Line Liquid Eye Pencil features a tip of just 0.1 millimeter (if the measurements don’t tell you anything, the pointed end of the L’Oréal liner listed above is 0.4 millimeter, so it’s even thinner than that). Described as a “fine feather” tip, the liquid liner has a contour-grip handle to help provide stability and precision since the brush is so flexible. Use it to create ultra-fine lines along the upper lash line, or create a soft winged look.

4. Best liquid eyeliner marker

If you’re a fan of thick, bold lines, NYX’s Super Fat Eye Marker gives you all the drama in one pass. While it’s bulkier than most other liquid liners, the marker has a felt tip that glides smoothly over your lids without dragging or popping. The ink itself is a rich matte black color, and although it is not waterproof, it still lasts a long time.

5. Honorable mention

Inspired by calligraphy, this Almay liner features an inkwell bottle in which you dip your applicator to coat it with pigment. The applicator has a tapered tip to give you more versatility with the lines you create (hold it lightly for thinner lines and press for something thicker), while the ink itself provides 16 hours. wearing time. It’s also impressive that this liner only costs $ 6 on Amazon, which is well worth adding to your makeup bag.

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