Tax Benefit With Retirement Savings

Self-care is important not only at retirement, but at every stage of your life, as you can be in any situation where you need extra money.

By stabilizing your financial situation in some form with a larger amount of reserves, you make your own business easier: you are less burdened by an unexpected financial hardship and you can plan for the future. Depending on whether you want to save in the short or long term, banks offer you several financial solutions.

Self-care – you can’t start early enough

Self-care - you can

One of the most important savings that can be used for private purposes is some form of retirement savings – whichever product you choose, you cannot invest in the future early enough. With a long term retirement savings, you and your loved ones can have a carefree life for your older days.

Self-care for retirement is also supported by the state, with three forms of retirement savings: a voluntary pension fund, a retirement savings account and a 20 percent tax refund for those who take advantage of these opportunities. We’ve explored what kind of tax savings you can expect for a retirement savings plan and how you can maximize your refund. Please note that you can save up to 280,000 US dollars per year!

Voluntary Pension Fund – if you want to be sure

Voluntary Pension Fund - if you want to be sure

The voluntary pension fund is the oldest form of retirement savings available with state aid. It provides a lower but more secure return for those who choose this path to self-care, but there is no reason to fear it for those who are not at home in financial matters.

The average annual yield can be as high as 6-7 percent. Generally, you can choose from three to five investment portfolios that are best for you, depending on whether you are targeting low, medium or high risk. Each of these three ways has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • if you only have a few years left before you retire and want to be sure, you may want to choose a low risk portfolio, but in that case you may miss out on high returns,

  • the medium risk portfolio represents the golden mean: it includes assets with lower and higher returns,

  • a high-risk portfolio promises a higher return, but it is more likely that not everything will turn out as planned during the savings period – so it is advisable for those who have at least 10 or more years left before retirement.

You will have access to your savings as early as 10 years, or earlier, when you retire. YOUR is tied to the relevant retirement age, so raising the retirement age during the term means that the time when you get your money will also be postponed.

Tax Refund with Voluntary Pension Fund


As described above, the state provides tax refunds to individuals who enter into a pension savings agreement with a financial institution. You can get back 20 percent of your annual pension contribution from your personal income tax, which can be as high as $ 150,000 a year for a voluntary pension fund, which is the highest of the three forms of retirement savings. You will need to make a payment of $ 750 a year to get your $ 50,000 refund.

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