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4 ways to correct calligraphy errors

Are you someone who is really enthusiastic about different strokes, flourishesbeautiful shapes of the letters and I can’t wait to make calligraphy every day? Calligraphy is a wonderful hobby to cultivate and today we are sharing with you four effective and easy ways to fix your calligraphy mistakes. Let’s start!

1 Know your tools

There are different styles of calligraphy available and you may be using different pens that don’t suit your writing style. With different types of calligraphy tools available in the market, you might get confused and start with the wrong tools.

It is essential to acquire the appropriate knowledge or learn from good calligraphy teachers to understand the different tools and their functionalities. It is something very fundamental. Knowing and using good quality supplies is important for a good writing experience. By choosing the right tool, you can start your calligraphy journey comfortably and you’ll be able to produce the best results right from the start.

2 basic masterstrokes

Oh ! I can’t tell you how important it is to practice the basic strokes. The biggest mistake that all beginners make is to write words directly without understanding the basics.

Any script, any style of calligraphy is made up of structured rules and basic forms. If you follow them by heart and if you master them, writing words and sentences becomes much easier. Keep in mind that mastering your basic strokes is key to mastering calligraphy. If you dedicate a few minutes to consistently practicing the basic strokes, you will see huge improvements in your calligraphy.

3Conscious practice

You may already know that daily practice will improve your calligraphy skills. But if you don’t practice mindfully, there’s no point. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s just a waste of time, paper and ink.

I always tell my students to have a goal when they practice. You might want to work on ovals one day, or up and down curls the other day or you might want to spend an entire week improving on your compound curve. It is entirely up to you.

You will improve faster by having a particular goal and then working on it. Of course, not every line or stroke will be perfect, but you will see immense growth in your writing with focused attention and patience. Your hours of practice will be filled with excitement rather than frustration. So set aside your time for mindful practice and enjoy it to the fullest.

4 Slow down

Calligraphy takes time!

I know Instagram is full of a lot of jaw-dropping calligraphy videos and you might think calligraphy is very quick and easy. But most of these videos are sped up due to the publishing delay.

Fast writing looks random instead of slowing down will help you focus more on your strokes, angles, spacing and connections. You will enjoy writing more because you can experience and feel your breath rise and fall with each little stroke. It’s super meditative. Writing slowly certainly helps to achieve precision in your writing.

That’s it!! I hope you find these tips useful and I really hope you improve on your calligraphy journey with these simple steps.

—Pooja Bhagwat, founder of Ink n Bliss, calligraphy and design studio

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