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This year, we hosted 13 webinars (including another on 7/12) that helped over 1,000 people gain a better understanding of Japanese society, culture and crafts. These webinars are all available for free public viewing on our Vimeo page here: and range from topics such as traditional Japanese farmhouse architecture to what school lunches in Japan tell us about the Japanese society and sustainability on the island of Teshima to the role of baseball in US-Japanese relations.

In addition, with the support of the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, this summer we organized an intensive one-month workshop on Japanese crafts for 26 K-12 teachers from 16 states in the United States, with six master instructors. These teachers discovered Japan through an in-depth exploration of Japanese crafts with an emphasis on tea ceremony, boat building, traditional carpentry, papermaking, and calligraphy. Teachers have developed teaching plans for their classrooms which they implemented throughout the fall and therefore help young people in the United States to experience Japan and Japanese culture. These teachers also learned new ways of thinking about education by examining how the masters of Japanese craftsmanship teach.

EngageAsia also honored two teachers this year with our Elgin Heinz Outstanding Teacher Award (see: – Mr. Daniel Carolin, Japanese teacher at Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids Iowa and Ms. Juno Tanaka, Japanese teacher at Clarendon Elementary School in San Francisco, California. Next year is the 20th anniversary of this award, which honors the best kindergarten to grade 12 teachers who have dedicated their careers to teaching young Americans about Japan.

We plan to expand our curricula in 2021 to provide teachers with even stronger experiences and curricula in 2022. We plan to start the year with public webinars on traditional Japanese archery (includingabuse) and with a dialogue on Afghanistan. Our teacher professional development program will aim to focus on teachers from Japan, Taiwan and the United States, and we plan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Elgin Heinz Awards.

To see a timeline of EngageAsia’s activities, watch our new Timeline video here.

To accomplish our mission, we rely on the support of individual donors and we hope you can consider EngageAsia in your philanthropic giving plans for 2021.

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