Student Calligraphy Exhibition held at NCA to celebrate Eid Milad Un Nabi SAWW

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – October 19, 2021): As part of the government’s initiative to celebrate the first Ashra of the month of Rabi ul Awal with total religious fervor, the Inter-Council Committee of Presidents (IBCC) hosted a student calligraphy exhibition at the National College of the Arts (NCA).

A large number of calligraphy pieces were exhibited at the event, which was organized in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Education. Over 90 NCA students presented their calligraphic works which were highly appreciated by a large number of visitors.

Federal Education Secretary Farah Hamid Khan was the main guest of the exhibition while COPIB Secretary and CEO Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah attended the event.

Speaking on this occasion, the Education Secretary appreciated the initiative of COPIB to organize this event which is in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to celebrate Eid Milad un Nabi SAWW with full religious spirit Across the country.

She said that the whole life of the Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a beacon of life not only for the Muslim Ummah but also for the whole world.

She urged the public to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which are the key to success in this world and in the world after death.

“Education is the basic source for acquiring knowledge and understanding of our religion, Islam.

It is a complete code of conduct that guides us to meet all the challenges of modern times, “she said.

The Federal Education Secretary explained that on government directives, her ministry has put in place various initiatives to celebrate the entire month of Rabi ul Awal with religious enthusiasm.

She said the Education Ministry has launched a training initiative for 6th to kindergarten students in schools in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to make them real practical Muslims.

In his remarks, Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah said that COPIB is actively ensuring better coordination between school boards across the country with regard to student programs and activities.

“This exhibition is also part of the federal government’s initiative to involve educational institutions to celebrate the holy month of Rabi ul Awal with a religious spirit,” he said.

Top ten participating students, whose calligraphic works were selected, received badges and certificates.

In closing remarks, Hadia Aamir, Head of NCA Islamabad, appreciated the initiative of the federal government and holding the IBCC event to encourage students in Islamic calligraphy.

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