stuart semple unveils blink, the blackest ink in the world

british artist stuart semple created what he calls “the blackest black ink”. otherwise known as “flicker”, matte ink is intended to be used for pen and ink work, calligraphy, paint markers, and brush pens. Plus, unlike vantablack, blink is available for purchase in 30ml vials for just $ 15.99. in case you missed it, vantablack is one of the darkest materials known, absorbing up to 99.965% of visible light. in 2016, artist and sculptor anish kapoor bought the exclusive rights to the painting, causing quite a stir in the art world and in particular with Stuart Semple.

images courtesy of Stuart semple

Semple says Blink is resistant to bleeding, water, dripping, mega-mat, and stupidly black. the ink also uses the highest quality pigments, which means that a little goes a long way.

stuart semple blink the blackest ink in the world

blink follows semple’s ‘pinkest pink’, a powder paint that was created in ironic response to anish kapoor’s purchase of the vantablack rights. on his art supplies website he reads, ‘this high-gloss paint from stuart semple is available to everyone except anish kapoor! (who won’t share his black!) ‘ showing that there is no love lost between the two artists, kapoor even replied ‘yours’ on his instagram.

stuart semple blink the blackest ink in the world

you can find the blackest black ink, the pinkest pink and more at, an art supplies website created through artists for artists. do not contact if you are anish kapoor … ‘rather than accumulating these amazing creations to use for himself, so that he and he alone could wield the power of the most colorful colors, Stuart made share his powerful concoctions with all artists ( except one – his nemesis kapoor the color collector). ‘

stuart semple blink the blackest ink in the world

project info:

Name: blink

artist: Stuart semple

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