Special Collections Library staff member aims to revive postal mail

These recycled Christmas cards belong to Shana Morris, founder of Snail Mail Social at the Albuquerque Special Collections Library. (Courtesy of Shana Morris)

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Email is not enough for Shana Morris. She thinks letters should be put in envelopes and delivered to letterboxes.

“To me, the whole experience of getting a letter, going to the mailbox and being there, feels more like an event,” said Morris, who works at the Albuquerque County Special Collections Library. / Bernalillo, 423 Central NE. “Someone found a card or stationery and took the time to write a personal message. They didn’t just open their computers and start typing.

Morris’s affection for the old-fashioned letter prompted her to launch Snail Mail Socials at Special Collections. The next one is set for Saturday.

“Before the pandemic, we had two or three meetings,” said Morris, 52. programs or send letters to sick people in the hospital. Sometimes people make their own cards.

And, of course, they write letters.

light pointSo far, she said, the library’s Snail Mail Socials have attracted six to 10 people, all of them, like her, who came of age before the email explosion rocked the world. world. But everyone is welcome. Morris said she would very much like young people, those new to traditional letter writing, to join them, but that has yet to happen.

Morris discovered the existence of mail-order clubs while browsing Instagram.

“Sometimes these clubs would meet in bars or cafes,” she said. “But I work in a library, so we meet at the (Special Collections) Book Center. It is a beautiful room with a lot of light.

The library provides stationery, pens, rubber stamps and cards.

“I have a bunch of old Christmas cards that people can recycle,” Morris said. “I have a lot of friends who love to write. They know I love receiving mail, so they go everywhere and send me postcards. I get vacation cards.

Getting cards and letters is only part of the experience.

“I love writing letters, although I write more cards lately,” she said. “I’m trying to be a Christmas card writer.”

So how is her writing? Beautifully cursive? Daring John Hancock? Like calligraphy?

“Oh, I’m printing,” she said. “I think I always printed my letters.”

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