Sofitel Foshan Hotel also serves as a sleeping furniture store

Ever spotted a piece of furniture you love, but wish you could try it out at home overnight (or even longer) before you buy it?

When returning from international travel, the luxury Sofitel Foshan hotel might be just what you are looking for.

Here, all that you see is for sale, from tables and chairs to sofas, centerpieces, artwork and more.

Even the lights can be taken home!

In fact, the hotel sits atop the epic five-story Louvre furniture exhibition center, where these – and thousands of other items – can be purchased.

With direct access from the hotel to this furniture store, rooms and suites at the Sofitel Foshan come in four distinct design styles to suit the personal tastes (and potential purchasing budgets) of every traveler.

On the one hand, the hotel’s “Modern Decor” rooms offer just that: clean lines, soft tones and small touches of complementary color – and for many travelers, it would be difficult to differentiate from a room. newly built standard hotel. .

The “Post-Modern Decor” rooms are a little more stylish.

These replace the predominantly ‘square’ look with curved features and finishes, including the headboard, side tables, bedside lamps, some of the artistic framing and, of course, the chair, along with the cushions. blues and the arched hood mixing the feeling of a shed poolside with that of a comfortable reading corner.

For something more locally inspired, the “New Chinese Decor” rooms draw on a bolder, darker color palette in the bedroom space, contrasted by lighter tones with the sofa and dining table. dining, and in the bathroom and storage spaces for what is primarily a “black and white” look, as is often the case in Chinese calligraphy.

Finally, the “French Decor” rooms are a must, with carved wood headboards, reading chairs, dining sets and wardrobes.

Better yet, treat yourself to a French-style suite for an even more lavish feel and, of course, additional design inspiration for your own decorating efforts from the wider range of furniture at your disposal.

These junior suites feature a separate living room and walk-in closet – each with a different sized chandelier, giving you the ‘at home’ experience of both.

Don’t need a full size chandelier? Individual luminaires can also be transformed into bedside or bathroom wall luminaires:

Other pieces to consider, including a mirror-backed dressing table paired with the bedside base cabinet.

Whatever your tastes, whether you are looking to buy or just take a wider tour, take the elevator to the ground floor, follow the signs to the Louvre and set out to explore.

Most of the retailers here speak enough English to assist and arrange shipping of larger items to your home country.

There is no pressure from the hotel to buy, of course, so if you are not looking for furniture, just relax or go to work, like any other stay at the hotel. ‘hotel.

If you’re in the mood for shopping, plan several days to roam the Louvre’s many floors and get a feel for the design of the room you’ve chosen.

Chris Chamberlin stayed as a guest at the Sofitel Foshan.

Chris chamberlin

Chris Chamberlin is Executive Traveler Associate Editor, and lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins not only with one step, but also with a strong latte, a ticket to the theater, and later in the day, a good gin and tonic.

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