So, do you want to find a hobby?

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It’s a classic story, really. You have an unexpected Saturday off and you are ready to fill it with exciting new activities that make you feel a little more productive. But, meh, all you can think of to do is review your favorite mukbangs. No shame! I love watching mukbangs on repeat! But I know you’re here because you want something ~ * different * ~. So we find you leisure!

Before you start to worry, your hobby shouldn’t become another chore on your already long list. It can literally be something small that you do to feel Actually take a break instead of just switching between your work computer and your phone throughout the day. Plus, we all know recruiters love to ask us what we like to do in our spare time. What are you going to say, YouTube ?? Not in my custody.

Whether you want something you can do with friends (see # 5) or a lonely getaway, I have tons of different activities for you to try. Happy leisure hunting!

Leisure to stay at home

1. Destroy this log

If you didn’t have a “Wreck This Journal” in Tumblr days, it’s basically a coloring book / journal / scrapbook / towel (yes, a towel). The Therapy Journal will start off great and well, but once you are done with all of the prompts, it will be your own unique, ultra-healing masterpiece.

2. Calligraphy

Whether you are looking to improve your stationery game or improve your note taking, learning calligraphy will undoubtedly add a lot to your life. Getting the skills is completely free (there are tons of great resources online), but be warned, pens can make your credit card a little sad.

3. Game

From Animal Crossing to Myst, there is absolutely something for you in the video game world. Just make sure you get it right and splurge on a gorgeous game setup!

4. Gardening

Okay, this one might sound overwhelming, but you can get comfortable with it! Whether you want to start with small, low-maintenance plants or have the space to mess with your own product; gardening is a great way to keep yourself busy (and keep your space really cute).

5. Organize themed dinners

Now that it’s a little safer for us to get together with our vaccinated friends, having weekly * themed * dinners (very important) can be a great way to debrief. The best themes I’ve seen are “Romeo and Juliet 1997”, “Studio 54” and “Positano, Italy”, but I’m sure you’ll find better ones.

6. Learn to cook

Don’t feel bad, Paris Hilton is still sailing in the kitchen! If you are looking for ways to make learning how to cook super fun, I suggest you choose a workbook.

Adorably unusual pastimes

7. Make your own alternative to milk

Yeah. Instead of buying your almond milk and oat milk from the grocery store (I know it’s deliciously easy), try making them yourself? Just search for a few recipes online (like this one at, grab your bag of nut milk, and get started. Your lattes will thank you!

9. Confusing

If you’ve ever placed that last piece in a puzzle, you know it’s a sentiment worth repeating. With their range of sizes, shapes and designs, you’ll never be short of puzzles to solve. Plus, if you really like one after you’re done, you can frame it for a rustic art moment.

10. Learn to read tarot cards

If you are really into tarot readings, it can be very interesting to delve into the details and learn how to do it on your own. Lucky for you, we’ve got a comprehensive guide here.

11. Stripping

Did you know that you can marinate just about any fruit or vegetable? Regardless, why would you know? Either way, if you buy a handy fermentation kit – or get mason jars, vinegar, salt, sugar, and spices for DIY – you can easily turn your products into a snack or a perfect garnish.

18. Candle making

If you had seen Kim Kardashian’s Insta story the other day, you would have seen her doing this same activity with her senior, North. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will! Well, the fact that your home smells * exactly * the way you want it to be is pretty amazing.

Art Chick ™ Leisure

12. Crochet

From crop tops and cardigans to blankets and bags, the world is yours when learning to crochet. After you’ve collected your favorite needles and yarn colors, you can find tons of easy-to-follow (free) patterns on Love Crafts to get you started.

13. Painting

Painting is not only surprisingly therapeutic, but also a cost effective way to spruce up your space with a personal touch. If you want to skip the experimental phase and follow the bigger ones, you can watch reruns of Bob Ross on Hulu or browse the plethora of tutorials on YouTube.

14. Needling punch

You might have noticed the adorable, handmade rugs that are taking over Instagram and TikTok and you thought, “I want one! Well, I believe in your ability to do it yourself. You can find all the tools you will need in this beginner’s kit, and after a few tries I’m sure you’ll have 8 “x 10” rugs in no time.

15. Make playlists

Whether you organize them according to your mood, activity, or even location, creating playlists can be an awesome, low-stress hobby. Even Obama does it!

16. Songwriting

I mean, Olivia Rodrigo wrote some record breaking hits in her spare time, so who’s to say you can’t be the greatest pop star in the world too? Just pull out a notebook (and those heartbreaking memories) and see what comes out of it. Who knows; you might surprise yourself.

Very Fahncy leisure

17. Pilates

If you’re looking for a more active hobby, let’s go! All of our favorite celebrities have made it clear that Pilates is the daytime workout, so give it a try if you’re looking to do something other than running on the treadmill.

18. Mixology

Start by learning the classics like a perfect cosmopolitan (* nod *) to an elder. Then go exploring with whatever is in your pantry. Just, please don’t start calling yourself a “mixologist”. Please.

19. Take a masterclass

Well, maybe we can rephrase it to “become a student again” but you all get what I mean. If you want a hobby that will really help you improve yourself and become * that * person, investing in Masterclass is the way to go. From writing TV with Shonda Rhimes to cooking with Gordon Ramsey himself, taking this “hobby” seriously will make you good at just about anything.

20. Manicure

Okay, that’s a skill that might get you some extra cash, TBH. We are definitely living a nail art renaissance and learning how to do it yourself would be HUGE. Aside from all the side efforts, if you can make your left hand without it looking like the awkward sister of your right hand, I’d be very impressed.

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