Shen Yun is an ‘absolutely magnificent performance’: Australian MP

ADELAIDE, Australia—Australian MP Erin Thompson said she learned more about authentic Chinese culture after seeing the international Shen Yun company perform at Adelaide’s Festival Theater on May 13.

“We’re definitely learning a lot and I think it makes us want to ask more questions and learn more about Chinese culture and learn more about this particular part of Chinese culture that we’ve only just discovered.” , Thompson said. said.

“I think there are a lot of Australians and other people around the world who don’t know about this part of Chinese culture, so it’s very important that we know what’s going on and can provide support. if necessary.”

Tammy Franks, House Leader of the Greens in South Australia, was also present.

Franks said China’s authentic culture is much more than the contemporary Chinese communist regime portrays it.

“I like to see Chinese culture. It’s wonderful that this is shared around the world and I certainly appreciate the artistry as well as the real culture.

Ancient China was once known as the “Land of the Divine”, and the traditional culture of China was believed to have descended from the heavens.

This was reflected in music, medicine, calligraphy, clothing, language and much more.

But this glorious culture was almost lost under communism.

“It is a very sad situation when you see that they are oppressed in various ways and people’s history is denied. And I know there have been absolute atrocities, but what a wonderful way to celebrate culture…with the arts today,” Franks added.

One article in particular points to modern China where people are persecuted for their faith, namely the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China.

“Really taking contemporary events and telling them through the lens of traditional Chinese dance and culture is very powerful,” said Damian Wyld, counselor for Tea Tree Gully, South Australia, after watching Shen Yun in Adelaide on May 14.

“It very clearly shows the facts of this terrible persecution, which continues to happen in China, and helps the world understand what is going on there and what they can do about it,” Wyld added.

NTD News, Adelaide, Australia

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