Sharjah Light Festival: riot of light and color – News

The Sharjah Light Festival returns to tell stories of light and music that have enchanted viewers for over a decade. K.T. photographer mohamed sajjad visit all 9 sites to treat yourself to this visual feast.

Visitors at the Sharjah Mosque during the Festival of Lights.

Sharjah has turned into a fairy tale land since Wednesday.

The Festival of Light cast a dreamlike halo over the emirate as nine of its most iconic buildings lit up in a fusion of lights, colors and spellbinding music.

Every year, local and international artists, musicians and lighting designers collaborate to bring Sharjah 12 unforgettable magical nights. Various locations are featured each time – each selected for its spectacular setting and inspiring architecture. The festival engenders a poignant sense of community and inclusiveness as viewers discover a new appreciation for the emirate’s landmarks and public spaces.

This year nine unique landmarks have been selected and as the sun sets they burst into a riot of bright lights and colors for a stunning visual spectacle. Go visit them if you haven’t already. And grab a good camera for glorious Instagram-worthy moments.

SLF has sustainability at heart and all lights and floodlights used have passed environmental compliance certification while surrounding lights are switched off, saving up to 60% energy in the area. In 2022, under the theme “Echoes of the Future”, the Sharjah Light Festival stands out as a symbol of Sharjah’s cultural heritage and a beacon of light for the future.

University Town Hall: The Spiral of Light

The show embodies the emirate’s dedication to education and heritage, making it the perfect place to portray the wise vision that laid the foundation for the past 50 years and the next 50 years. Here, footage of the old “past” and a vision of the progressive present are presented.

Al Noor Mosque: beauty by contrast

The Al Noor Mosque presents the reflective position of art as a tool of communication and of Islamic art through time and history as the elementary language of the universe.

Al Rafisah dam: the dream of the impossible

The majestic backdrop of the Al Rafisah Dam is the panoramic setting of Dream of the Impossible illustrating the strength of determination to achieve one’s dreams. Reflecting how the difficulties of ancient times will arise and the impossible will be overcome by Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates with a dedication to heritage, culture and education.

Government Building and Directorate of Human Resources, Kalba: Human Energy through Heritage and History

Innovation, assessment and authenticity expressed in geometric and arabesque designs, interspersed with depictions of the Mashrabiya, underscore Sharjah’s commitment to culture and treasured values ​​while elements of cubism highlight the structure of the government building and human resources department, Kalba.

Holy Quran Academy: The Language of Infinity

Le Langage de l’Infini merges geometry, calligraphy and arabesque motifs in a tribute to Islam, questioning and wondering the future of these Islamic motifs while reflecting the architectural beauty of the Academy of the Holy Quran.

Al Hamriya Region Municipality: A Heritage Journey

A Journey of Legacy decorates the building’s structural columns with a mix of visually dramatic colors, geometric flowers and futuristic shapes to emphasize Sharjah’s wonderful achievements and engaging future.

Rashid bin Ahmed Al Qassimi Mosque: Islam + Architecture + Heritage

The exhibition uses traditional and contemporary elements to underline the originality of the building and to represent the many businesses in Sharjah that enable “evolution into the future without abandoning the identity of the past”.

Sharjah Mosque: The Harmony of Islamic Motifs

The exquisiteness of the Sharjah Mosque is at the center of a story showing the beauty and harmony of Islamic motifs. A concept of timeless beauty that emphasizes digital designs to infuse the show with a contrast of evolution and speed.

Al Majaz Waterfront: SLF Gallery

A light installation on the Al Majaz waterfront, illuminating stunning places and achievements from the past, present and future of Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates.

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