Seven hobbies to adopt

Making art, creating things and indulging in creative hobbies are known to make us happier, more relaxed and confident in our creations – not to mention that you will be honing and developing a valuable skill.

Creative and recreational hobbies present us with a positive outlook on life, inventiveness and brain activity. From stress reduction to a strong problem-solving attitude and skills, mastering a new hobby will provide you with a myriad of physical and mental benefits. If you’re looking to dive into a new hobby or pick up where you left off years ago, visit a store with a selection of art materials in Malta and Gozo is the first step to take. From painting to sculpting to knitting, taking up a new hobby isn’t always easy. In this article, we’ll explore a range of benefits provided by popular hobbies – from improving motor skills to fighting anxiety, here are seven hobbies you should consider.

Painting sharpens fine motor skills

From soothing watercolors to quick-drying acrylic pigments or textured oil paints, there is a wide range of methods one can indulge in when it comes to painting. Painting is known to sharpen fine motor skills as painters perform hand-eye coordination to create artwork, use colors, and create new images. Indulging in a hobby like painting allows you to exercise small muscles in your hands and wrists.

Drawing stimulates brain activity

Everything from ordinary old pencils to fabulous crayons, pens, ink, charcoal, graphite and pastels are wonderful tools that one can use for drawing, doodling and sketching. Drawing is a stress-relieving hobby that leaves you feeling grounded and relaxed. Like painting, drawing is excellent for increasing brain activity, as several parts of the organ are used, especially those responsible for improving spatial orientation and cognition.

Knitting fights anxiety

Knitting, crocheting and macrame allow you to enter a state of introspection and rumination by allowing you to focus on duplicating movements, calibrating rows and concentrating on individual stitches. A 2018 study notes that practicing these hobbies will help you become more relaxed and free yourself from anxious or worrying thoughts. These great recreational activities will also introduce you to the amazing world of creating great pieces for your home and wardrobe.

Sewing improves cognitive development

Sewing, cross-stitching and embroidery are known to improve mental growth and hand-eye coordination. Sewing involves cutting along lines, operating machinery and working with textures, which means spatial perception is greatly enhanced. In addition, people who indulge in this activity have better concentration, concentration and memory.

Pottery promotes joint strength

Whether it’s taking a pottery class or investing in air-dried or kiln-fired clay to use at home, pottery is a wonderful, inventive outlet that stimulates an optimistic perspective in the life. It is believed that working with clay provides a healthy outlet for grief and anger – it even boosts self-expression skills and confidence. As for the physical benefits, the movements used to build pottery and clay-based art promote joint strength and dexterity by exercising the arms, hands, and wrists.

Calligraphy improves self-discipline

Calligraphy, creative writing, and journaling are growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. These hobbies can easily be considered therapeutic practices, giving you a well-deserved break from exposure to screens and technology. Using pens and pencils to form legible strokes triggers many motor areas in the brain – supporting hand coordination, self-expression and language skills. Calligraphy is known to provide better control and self-discipline, thanks to strokes applied without rushing, even and controlled.

Woodworking increases patience

From wood carving to sculpture and pyrography, woodworking requires vigilance and patience. It is also an extremely rewarding hobby as it requires a great deal of perseverance and diligence. If you’re looking to improve your patience, trying carpentry is an absolute must. Woodworking also encourages manual skills and mental acuity.

Indulge in a creative hobby to relax, de-stress, and hone a new skill. Discover the yellows art materials section for a range of stores based in Malta and Gozo.

Written by Chiara Micallef

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