Pen Boutique launches Esterbrook Sea Glass fountain pen evoking summer vacation at the beach

Pen Boutique offers online shoppers the latest and greatest in quality writing instruments. With their latest addition – the Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass Pen – they capture summer vacation nostalgia and honor a ‘comeback’ brand that is reborn after nearly 50 years.

Pen Boutique is proud to offer the Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass Fountain Pen, a popular new take on the revitalized Esterbrook brand. Founded in the 1850s in the waterfront town of Camden, New Jersey, Esterbrook has grown to become the largest pen maker in the United States. It declined in the mid-1900s, closing in 1971.

In 2018, Kenro Industries purchased the Esterbrook brand and honors the company’s roots on the waterfront – as well as the joys of a summer coastal vacation – with its new Sea Glass pens.

Leena Shrestha-Menon, founder of Pen Boutique, said the pen is one of the prettiest versions she’s seen in years. “Looking at the barrel is like watching the surface of the water sparkle in the sun. I sell so many beautiful pens on our online store, but this one was so irresistible that I added one to my personal collection.

The Esterbrook Sea Glass pen is available as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen or roller ball pen. It is available in standard and oversized and with gold or silver embellishments.

As a young mother and Nepalese immigrant living near Columbia, Maryland, Leena decided to marry her love of beautiful pens with her entrepreneurial spirit, but financiers were skeptical.

“I was turned down by eight banks before I finally found someone who believed I could get my store off the ground,” Leena said.

Today, its physical pen store in Columbia is inundated with awards, having been honored for its signature Shop-in-Shop display experience by Montblanc and selected for 12 consecutive years by the US Retailer’s Association as the “Best of.” Columbia. “Several years ago, she expanded her reach with an online store that sells the finest pen names to a national audience.

To learn more about the Esterbrook Sea Glass pen or to view Pen Boutique’s full selection of decorative ballpoint pens, calligraphy pens, fountain pens, ink refills and fine papers, visit or call ( 410) 992-3272.

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