Panda robot will delight visitors to Expo 2020 Chinese pavilion in Dubai

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A friendly panda robot and a huge lantern with flashing lights will draw crowds for the China pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The black and white robot called Youyou can perform some tai chi movements, wield a calligraphy pen with a flourish, and act as a guide for visitors to the pavilion.

China pavilion resembles a luxurious lantern thanks to consoles, lattice windows and other traditional Chinese architectural features

Zhang Shenfeng, Commissioner General of the China Pavilion

Giant pandas are considered national treasures in China, and the robot was designed to act as an ambassador of friendship and peace.

Zhang Shenfeng, commissioner general of the China pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, said the country aims to display its technology while promoting traditional arts.

“Artificial intelligence and robots are one of the main exhibits of the Chinese pavilion,” he said. The National.

One of the largest at the Expo site, the Chinese structure is over 23 meters tall and covers 4,636 square meters. Modeled after a traditional lantern and constructed using panels of LED lamps, the pavilion is called Light of China and symbolizes reunion and hope.

“The China Pavilion resembles a luxurious lantern thanks to the brackets, lattice windows and other traditional Chinese architectural elements it incorporates,” Zhang said.

“The challenge we faced was how to artistically integrate traditional elements with modern design, in order to create the perfect combination of traditional lantern and modern acoustic-photoelectric technologies. “

Most of the basic building materials came from the United Arab Emirates, while the decorative elements and red modules of the lantern were customized in China.

The panda robot was built by a Chinese company called UBTech. Youyou uses advanced technologies such as automatic navigation and hand-eye coordination to enable him to paint, draw and walk around the pavilion.

The bear will provide information on smart cities, farming techniques and eco-friendly practices while leading visitors through large interactive 3D screens.

In a intro video released earlier this month, Youyou makes a heart sign with his hands and says, “I’m from Shenzhen, China. I was born for AI, for our dream, our planet, our home and our future.

Announcing that he represents technology made in China, Youyou says his mission was to send “love to the world,” in visuals released at the World Robot Conference in Beijing.

Dumplings and driverless cars

Other exhibits will be a high-speed model of the Chinese Railroad, driverless cars and a thematic theater.

Another section recreates a 3D version of a smart city where visitors have to scan a QR code to see how high-tech systems can make life easier, from shopping to healthcare and education.

Space exploration will be another focus, with films on China’s navigation satellite networks and the new Tiangong space station. Models, photographs and interactive displays will show the moon’s floor, Zhang said.

“There will be a space science fiction film that will expose humanity’s common dream of exploring the unknown, pursuing ideals and building a community of destiny for humanity,” he said. .

There will also be light shows at night to draw crowds, and a restaurant that has been operating for over a century in Yangzhou, east China. It will serve popular dishes such as roast Peking duck, Lanzhou hand-drawn noodles, and Cantonese shrimp dumplings.

“Visitors will have the opportunity to see Chinese dishes prepared from scratch,” Zhang said.

The organizers have also created an online offer so that people who cannot visit Dubai can participate in the experience remotely.

On Sunday in Beijing, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates hosted a cultural event for diplomats as part of the Expo countdown which opens in Dubai on Friday.

Ali Obaid Al Dhaheri, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to China, said he was confident that the building would be “one of the pavilions that could receive the largest number of visitors at Expo 2020 Dubai”.

“The Chinese pavilion will showcase China’s latest achievements in science, technology and sustainable development,” he said.

Update: September 27, 2021, 3:20 a.m.

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