Pakistani and Indian artists celebrate unity through creativity

The participating artists based in Dubai as well as the main guests and their certificates of appreciation.

Jamil Khan, Senior reporter

The Indian and Pakistani communities recently celebrated their Independence Day. So, to promote unity and harmony and celebrate independence days, 40 artists based in the United Arab Emirates – 20 from each country, Pakistan and India – participated in an exhibition “Jashn-e -Azaadi “with their paintings under the theme” Art Unite Us All “representing various colors of culture, customs, religions, people and their ways of life.

“Art is one of the primary means of communication that can connect the world and it enables people from different cultures and different eras to communicate with each other through images, sounds and stories,” said Shiba Khan, founder of Funun Arts and organizer. of the show said while speaking to the media.

The exhibition will run until August 31, 2021 at the Novotel Hotel, World Trade Center, Dubai.


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Shiba said that Funun Arts has taken the initiative to bring together everyone from different backgrounds and diverse cultures through art. In total, 40 artists, 20 Indian and 20 Pakistani, presented their works illustrating the culture, colors and tradition of the nation through their paintings and photographs.

“We can see the variety of abstract, modern, contemporary and photographic works, each one telling a story, amazingly expressed through colors, textures and the eye of a camera. We experience Pakistan truck art, Buddha, Lord Krishna painting from India, two nations colors, Islamic art and much more.

It’s like enjoying the pure fusion of the two countries. It is a unique concept where, for the first time, Indian and Pakistani artists come together on the same platform to spread the message of positivity and universal love, ”she added.

Pakistani artist 1 Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni with Dr Faisal Ikram, Dr Sana Sajan and Amjad Ali Khan pose for a photo.

The exhibition was opened by Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni, President of Zarooni Group with Dr Faisal Ikram, President of Pakistan Dubai Association, Dr Sana Sajan, President of Danube Welfare Society, Amjad Ali Khan, President Pakistan Professional Wing, Firoz Khan, President of Indian Performance Arts, Faisal Abdul Qader and Ahmed Alawadhi, renowned Emirati artists. Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni said: “The arts overcome cultural and ethnic differences by bringing people together.

Today is a very beautiful evening where we can discover such a variety of art around us. A vibrant and colorful environment energizes and keeps the mind elevated.

Dr. Sans Sajan congratulated on the beautiful exhibition and said “the most important thing is perseverance and this is achieved by the exhibition today. This type of platform is necessary to keep creativity high and bring everyone together on one platform. Without doubt, Art is only the thing that can do it best.

Pakistani artist 3 Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni with Shiba Khan, organizer and guests at the exhibition.

Khan Ayaan Abdullah presented his photograph of a boat carrying a number of people illustrating the immense diversity of India. He explained it by saying that these people of different origins travel on the same boat, it is the same in real life. We all share something or the other in common. Akbar Saheb, introduced the culture of India, Mujeeb Kehar’s painting “Art is Freedom” depicts the unique image of Mahtma Ghandhi and Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Somya Rastogi, Afshan Quarishi, Mankush Shrivastav presented the culture, tradition and people of India with vibrant colors. The guests of the opening night congratulate the artists and discover real culture and its richness through their works. Pari Sagar, Shushmita Dhruva, Sidhuja exhibited paintings of various religions across India through their works of art. Pakistani artist group including Adila Baig, Sadia Fahad, Madiha Khan, Ishrat Ara Keyani exhibit various forms of “Truck Art” which is one of the famous arts of Pakistan. The colors used in the paintings reflect the beauty and vibrancy of the region’s rich art.

Some artists like Cheikh Safi, Rubab Zehra, Sahar Shadid, Mubashara Madni, Anam Sultana presented different styles of Islamic and calligraphic paintings. Artists such as Amal Mirajkar, Sana Bano, Sabah Anees, Sapna Jain, Anjani Prakash Laitu, Anupa Bhambhany, Aparna Mohan, Nupur Jha, Ria Sharma exhibited their abstract form of paintings while Humaira Hussain, Farhat Gul, Yasmin Naeem, Soobika Fawad, Bilal Sial Si, showcases contemporary art.

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