Our favorite addition of the year: the Blackstone griddle

Last year on my birthday I received a 28 inch Blackstone Griddle cooking station with a hard cover. It was probably our family’s most beloved addition over the past year.

I’ve wanted one for a while, but was told we have too many grills and “kitchen toys”. Lots of other people have told me that ‘you can never have too much grilling’. I shared the comments probably everyday until the boss gave in and surprised me on my birthday.

She bought the 28 inch from me despite having a bigger 36 inch one, but the smaller version was more than enough for our family.

With 448 square inches of cooking spread over a 10-gauge laminated carbon steel griddle, this was all the space we needed to provide plenty of breakfasts, lunches and dinners at home. The set is big enough for 44 hot dogs which is good, but we don’t plan on having a hot dog contest for a while.

Our Blackstone came with 34,000 BTUs of heat from two H-style burners, which is over my head. All I know is that there are two buttons for the heat control and it is as hot as I need it to be. Two commercial casters make it easy to maneuver around our garage and patio, the propane tank attachment keeps the tank secure, and two shelves give me plenty of room to store everything I need while grilling like a pro.

One of the BEST features of Blackstone is how easy it is to clean. It’s basically scratching and wiping. Grease enters an easy-to-remove rear management system. Seriously, I can’t say enough about how easy it is to clean up once you’re done. This is perhaps my favorite aspect of the hotplate.

In the past eight months since owning it, we’ve made fried rice, omelets, pancakes, eggs, fajitas, smash burgers, lo mein, steak, stir-fried chicken and more.

Of course, anyone who enjoys grilling may want to accessorize. Here are the favorite accessories that we have bought and that we use regularly.

Hard Top Blackstone Lid
This came with our hotplate, but we’re big fans of the hard cover, which helps protect the hotplate and prevent rusting.

Brush blanket
It’s perfect for cooking vegetables, which we often do.

Hot plate cleaning kit
These easily wipe off the hotplate, making the top easier to clean. Yes, I made this rhyme on purpose.

Tool holder combo
Whether you’re using tongs, spatulas, or any other utensil, these holders give you a convenient place to hold them while you take care of other things.

Branded blankets were sold out everywhere so we saved some money and bought an off brand blanket which has done the job so far for those times when we need to keep it outside.

We used our hot plate every month, even in this cold winter. We have nothing but good to say about it and highly recommend this purchase.

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