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Sasha Rae (Peters) Mitchell
January 7, 1987 – November 26, 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our daughter Sasha. She died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 34 on the afternoon of Friday November 26, 2021 at her home in Arcata. She is survived by her husband, Craig, and her lovely granddaughter, Jade.

Sasha was a happy and healthy child.

Sasha was born on a warm sunny morning in Eureka in January 1987 to her proud parents Roger and Christie Peters. She grew up on Pleasant Avenue in Cutten. Sasha attended Cutten Elementary School and Winship Jr. High. Her next door neighbor was Heather. They were best friends for life.

Sasha learned very quickly. She knew how to throw and catch a ball before the age of two. She showed us that she could read (to our surprise) when she was 4 years old. She was reading in third grade when she started kindergarten. She had a surprisingly large vocabulary at 18 months old and spoke with perfect diction and clarity. We were near our car in Port Angeles Washington while waiting for the ferry to Vancouver Island. When the ferry appeared, Sasha pointed and shouted “This boat is huge!” The man in the car in front of us got out, walked back to Sasha and said he just wanted to make sure he heard. Sasha repeated “This boat is huge!” The man said I guess I heard her correctly. Later on the same trip, Sasha impressed her aunt Karen by explaining to her that ko-a-la bears eat eu-ca-lyp-tus. Sasha had just turned 11 when the first Harry Potter book hit the market. We bought it and she finished it in four days. She couldn’t wait for the next one to come out. She’s read all the Chronicles of Narnia, the Goosebumps ghost stories, and all the children’s classics. At 12, Sasha was reading adult novels.

Sasha took English riding lessons from age 7 to 12. She played girls’ softball in Cutten Ridgewood Little League and Redwood Empire from age 8 to 16. She was a pitcher with her own style of liquidation. She hit the ball well, played 1st and 3rd base. She was a good all-around player. She attended two summer sessions of women’s softball camp at HSU. She spent many summer weekends at Trinity Lake with her family on Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ houseboat. There she became a very confident swimmer, learned to water ski, learned to ride a Sea Doo from an early age. She caught her first fish there. Sasha was a great hiker. She made several hiking trips in the Alps of Trinidad with her mom and dad and her uncle John and her cousin Evin. She loved outdoor adventures. Uncle Steve Sandeen showed Sasha the excitement of rafting the Trinity River. Sasha lived the annual day after the Thanksgiving Christmas tree hunt in the hills with her father, Uncle John, and cousin Evin. She always chose the perfect trees.

Sasha has traveled to many places in her young life. She saw Vancouver Island, Dallas and New Orleans when she was two years old. When she was four years old, she first flew to the Big Island of Hawaii to visit Uncle Walt. There she learned to swim in the ocean and went snorkeling for the first time. She returned to the Big Island at age 7 and to Maui at age 15. She made several trips to Los Angeles to visit her Aunt Nonie (Tina), Aunt Margaret, Uncle Alex, and many cousins ​​on her mother Christie’s side of the family. She went to Disneyland and a family reunion on the Kern River. She flew to Dallas with her grandmother Billee (Munga) to see her great-grandparents and great-aunt Linda and uncle Gary. She received a VIP tour of the Capitol Building while on a trip to Washington DC with her father and Bob Morelli. She went to Puerto Vallarta for a week with her family. She has skied and snowboarded at Mt. Rose Nevada, Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Shasta. She attended a few Giants baseball games with her mother.

In her young adult life, Sasha moved around a lot. She lived in Florida for a few years outside of West Palm Beach. She lived in the Borrego Desert for four years and fought wildfires for Cal Fire and the CDC. She lived in Palm Desert for a year, then lived for a time with her Aunt Margaret in Lake Elsinore. In 2019, Sasha returned to Eureka. She met her high school sweetheart and the love of her life, Craig. They got married, made a home together and had a beautiful baby Jade in September 2020.

Sasha was very creative and artistic. She made wonderful pop-up greeting cards for birthdays. She liked to redo and retouch furniture. She liked to paint the walls with bright colors. She could draw and was very good at calligraphy. She did great haircuts. She loved to cook and eat exotic foods. She loved sushi, Thai phad noodles, jasmine rice, beef stroganoff and Aunt Mac’s chocolate cake. She was always snacking on fresh carrots. When the avocados were ripe, we gave them to Sasha because she made the best guacamole. She didn’t like mayonnaise.

Sasha’s young adult life was littered with mistakes and problems caused by drug addiction. On Friday, November 26, she made a mistake and died of an overdose.

Sasha was predeceased by her two grandfathers Alexander Vien III and Elvin Peters and her uncle Alex Vien IV. She is survived by her husband Craig, daughter Jade, parents Roger and Christie Peters, grandmother Billee Peters, uncles John and David Peters, aunts Karen Wallace, Tami Peters Tina Thompson, Margaret Livingston and Debra Vien. She is also survived by her beloved cousin and friend Evin Peters, cousins ​​Kelly, Robb and Justin in Canada and cousins ​​Rick Vien and Robert Tinsley, cousins ​​Karli and Casey Mckenzie in Sacramento and Jeff , Little Al and Andrea in Los Angeles. Also her extended family Bob and Phyllis Morelli, Uncle Walter Smith and many others who knew and loved her dearly.

Sasha was a very sociable and intelligent young woman. She easily made friends wherever she went. The kids loved Sasha. She was an enthusiastic foster mother and a loving wife. She was cultured, spoke well, traveled well. She was beautiful with an athletic body and a perfect smile. Sasha was quick-witted and had a highly developed intelligent sense of humor. She spoke quickly and was a good listener. With her infectious honest laugh and boundless energy, she could light up a room just by being there. Sasha is greatly missed and loved by all her family and friends.


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