New owner of Studio E has found “everything I could ask for” in the art studio

ROCKY POINT, NY —Kathy Grancher didn’t set out to own an art studio, but somehow the stars have aligned and she is now the new owner of the art studio in longtime Rocky Point Studio E.

The Montana native who now lives in Medford worked in medical research for years, which put her love for pottery on the back burner. When she retired she was able to devote more time to this hobby and one day, while taking a class at another nearby studio, someone asked, “Hey, did you? does anyone want to buy an art studio? “

“Studio E was everything I imagined in an art studio: there was pottery, painting, it was for children, adults, special needs populations, it was inclusive” , Grancher told Patch.

In September, Grancher took over the space, located at 77 Broadway. She plans to keep much of what students loved about the studio intact, like the teachers and course offerings, but to try new pop-up-style workshops to introduce more people to the benefits of time. artistic.

“I want to get more involved in the community, and we’re going to come up with some new fun things like glass painting, calligraphy, woodworking.”

Pop-up classes will allow people to try out the studio in less time.

“I think an art studio is vital for a community,” said Grancher.

“Especially when schools cut back on art and hands-on learning, and people are so stressed out. There are different types of rest, and one is creative rest. We don’t give ourselves space for it. have, and that’s so important. “

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