More than 14 million dollars worth of projects underway in the city of Salman in Bahrain

Six multi-million dinar construction projects will begin next month to build five mosques and a grand mosque for a residential city to accommodate 100,000 citizens when completed.

The city of Salman, which aims to provide 15,616 housing units, spans 740 hectares of land in the Northern Governorate.

Details of the construction projects for 5,584,648 BD – which are expected to be completed in September 2024 – have been announced by Jaffari’s Endowments Directorate.

“Salman Town is considered one of the most modern housing towns in Bahrain and the largest in terms of space, number of housing units and amount of facilities and services provided,” said said the chairman of the management, Yousif Al Saleh.

“Religious facilities – such as mosques and grand mosques – are an indispensable basic requirement for residents of the region and as part of our efforts to provide them, we have launched the projects and construction will begin on September 1, with an expected completion date of Sept. 1, 2024.

“We covered about a quarter of the total project cost and six bank accounts were opened for donations to supplement the cost of the projects.”


According to official documents, the BD2 639 048.500 Imam Ali Grand Mosque is expected to be built on a land of 9,253.58 m² and will accommodate 2,450 worshipers with a specially designed water feature.

It will also include other facilities such as waiting rooms, multipurpose rooms, majlises (conference rooms), as well as adequate parking and storage facilities.

“The idea behind the design of Imam Al Mahdi Mosque is derived from a study of transparency and truth and its prominent and modern style represents the diversity of Bahraini society,” Al Saleh added.

“The design of the BD1 410,000 Mosque is inspired by the combination of modern and traditional techniques – such as the use of pointed arches – which were popular during the Dilmun era.

“In addition, Kufic script – the oldest form of Arabic calligraphy – will be used to write the 99 names of God in Islam on the facade of the mosque, reflecting Bahrain’s historical significance in Islam. .

According to Mr. Al Saleh, it will be built on a land of 4,700.19 m².

Meanwhile, details of four small mosques that are also part of the multi-million dinar project have come to light.

Al Sayeda Zainab Mosque (BD615,600) will be built on a land of 2,052 m², Al Sayeda Fatima Al Zahra Mosque (BD350,000) will occupy a land of 1,940.25 m², Imam Al Redha Mosque (BD300,000) will be built on a land of 1,936.55 m² and the Al Imam Al Jawad Mosque (270,000 BD) will be built on a land of 1,671.83 m².

“Management has coordinated with all relevant official authorities to produce the required documentation and facilitate the construction process,” Al Saleh said.

“Several Bahraini engineers were also commissioned to develop engineering plans and detailed maps for the projects while considering the highest artistic standards in the design of the mosque, combining authentic Islamic identity and architectural spirit modernized Bahrain”.

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