“Modi ji you caused a huge price hike”: 6-year-old writes to PM Modi on maggie, pencil becomes more expensive; the letter goes viral

As debates and talk about rising prices echo everywhere – from tea stalls to parliament – a six-year-old’s letter to the country’s Prime Minister has caught everyone’s attention.

The 6-year-old’s handwritten letter tells us how severe the price hike is.

The 6-line letter, which appears to be written on a piece of paper torn from a class notebook, caused a stir on the internet.

“My name is Kriti Dubey. I am studying in class 1. Modiji, you have caused a huge price hike. Even my pencil and eraser (eraser) have become more expensive and Maggi’s price has also increased. Now, my mother is beating me for asking for a pencil. What should I do? Other children are stealing my pencil,” the letter read.

Apparently the girl is from Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh.

The letter appears to have become another arrow in the opposition’s quiver.

The TRS party founded by KCR in 2001 asked the Prime Minister for an answer on this subject. “” Modi Ji, you have caused a huge price hike. My pencil and eraser (eraser) have become more expensive. Now my mom beats me for asking for a pencil. What should I do?” – Kriti Dubey @Narendramodi Ji, 6, dare to answer?” reads a tweet from the party’s official Twitter account.

Supriya Sule, Leader of the NCP and MP for Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency, Maharashtra spoke about the little girl’s letter to Parliament. “Drawn the house’s attention to the massive impact of the price hike and to the open letter written by 6-year-old Kriti Dubey from Uttar Pradesh on the rising prices of pencils and maggi,” said she tweeted.

This letter is a sweet but brutal revelation for each of us. Although we as adults believe that problems like rising prices and inflation only hurt those who run households, the fact is that it affects all family members equally. ; big or small, adult or child, young or old, it doesn’t matter.

It also draws our attention to how our behavior within the household changes during the price hike and how this subsequently affects the young children in the household. In a typical middle-class household, which depends solely on the salary of one person, rising prices hit the hardest. Due to rising prices of basic necessities, the family is cutting back on expenses. Things that are essential to the family are limited, and young children who are usually unaware of these so-called “adult decisions” complain or endure them.

Children always learn to limit their demands and desires when the family is struggling to make ends meet.

This young girl’s letter recalls the childhood of each and every one who belonged to a middle-class family.

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