Mean Girls Rajiv Surendra PlantShed Pottery Collection

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Rajiv Surendra, who you may know as “Mean Girls” legend Kevin G. released his very first pottery line called Journeyman Pottery in collaboration with PlantShed, a New York-based florist.

Showcasing classic terracotta and white vessels handcrafted in Rajiv’s Brooklyn studio in the style of his mentor, Guy Wolff, the exclusive collection is the result of years of training and dedication to the art. The Journeyman Pottery collection was designed and developed in Surendra’s Brooklyn studio, paying homage to Wolff’s mentorship through a special stamp that reads “For Guy Wolff, RPS, Brooklyn”.

Surendra’s interest in pottery first surfaced around the age of 7 after hearing relatives recall the cookware and pottery that were used in their kitchens in Sri Lanka in the 1950s, including red clay pots made by the roadsides. From there, his love for the profession grew.

“In high school, I spent almost every lunch hour of my four years there on the pottery wheel,” Surendra told Apartment Therapy. “I ate my lunch in 15 minutes, then threw casseroles for 45 minutes. In college, I regularly returned to my high school to use the steering wheel and sometimes teach the basics to freshmen. “

Learning under the guidance of master potter Guy Wolff – who boasts a legion of famous fans including Oprah and Martha Stewart – every summer for nearly 12 years, Surendra has created a collection that perfectly embodies both the iconic shapes and styles of Wolff and PlantShed’s passion for showcasing nature. real beauty.

“My favorite shape to make is what Guy calls the ‘Pot Peale’ – it’s a copy of a flowerpot from a famous painting, ‘Rubens Peale with a Geranium’, commemorating the very first geranium brought to America. in 1801, ”Surendra said. “The pieces in this collection are all versions of the shapes Guy has been making for years – they are the apprentice’s version of the master’s wares.”

Surendra has been practicing the art of chalk and calligraphy for over two decades, so linework played a big part in the collection.

“My twenty plus years of calligraphy, first as a hobby and then as a profession, absolutely played a part in the creation of these flowerpots,” Surendra explained. “Guy [Wolff] continually talks about the “line” of a pot, referring to its silhouette and the overall architecture of the pot. It has to be fluid and the nuances of the shapes that can make one pot look chunky and another elegant are so subtle. I learned to see and understand elegant lines by practicing calligraphy.

Journeyman Pottery’s inaugural collection ranges from $ 25 to $ 250, and the collection is now available exclusively at PlantShed outlets in New York City.

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