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In hall 4 of Maison & Objet Paris 2021, three installations presented new products for the home, security and connectivity.

Maison & Objet Paris invited three guests to create a universe within the event that would touch on the notion of leisure (the installations are in hall 4 of the show). Elizabeth Leriche focused on residence; François Bernard, Founder & CEO of the Croisements agency, on protection; and François Delclaux, Founder and Director of the Un Nouvel Air agency, on connectivity.

The three guests also created an installation found in hall 3.

“BEING AT HOME” by Elizabeth Leriche

In the limited space allocated, Elizabeth Lerich used the release of exquisite new products to represent home comforts through design. She exhibited a pretty array of small essentials, benches and cushions, cozy and soft materials.

In the writing workshop, we are witnessing the return to office life now that the summer vacation is over. A selection of pens and notebooks, in a case focused on calligraphy and typography. In the DIY workshop, there is the energy of the creativity kit through many crafting and gardening materials. The bedroom area had a lounge-style space next to it, and the two dedicated areas worked well together to create a Zen atmosphere.

“We feel good at home,” said Elizabeth Leriche to the Maison & Objet press service. “The theme, which began even before the pandemic, is in total resonance with what we are experiencing. We wanted to show the internal nature of the house, its porous character ”. And the house is doing pretty well, thank you very much, since everyone is so interested in this sector. “It’s not a revolution, but we see these objects in a new light. It brings us renewed energy.

What’s new – Leisure. “TO BE AT THE HOUSE”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.

In the bedroom / living room, an incredible suspension by Forestier named Capsules in suspension designed by Anon Pairot greets viewers. The lamps by Broste Copenhagen and Blomus can be found in the far right corner of the space, working in harmony with the pendant light.

The new products selected by Elizabeth Lerich show the intention; the emphasis on leisure is visible with the sheets of Dorothee Lehnen, En fil d’Indienne and Gabrielle Paris, to name a few. The soft textiles used by Mikmax Barcelona and the NOMA Editions furniture, mentioned in a previous article from our favorite brands of the event, and the tableware and ceramic objects by Sophie Masson Porcelaine and Clément Boutillon gave the room a natural touch as well. as wooden objects from Kristina Studio of the dam.

We especially enjoyed the feminine vibe as the artwork contributed to the calm aesthetic. A Woman’s Artwork from Tinystories Accompanied the Silhouette of a Woman by Mettehandberg Art Print.

What’s new – Leisure. “TO BE AT THE HOUSE”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.
What’s new – Leisure. “TO BE AT THE HOUSE”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.
What’s new – Leisure. “TO BE AT THE HOUSE”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.

“PROTECT” by François Bernard and “CONNECT” by François Delclaux

Elizabeth Lerich has divided her installation into different rooms or specific spaces; however, the two Francis have kept for themselves a layout similar to that of a gallery. Leaving the reception area, we entered the room dedicated to connection by François Delclaux. Teleworking, the digital environment, the proliferation of applications, François Delclaux has dug into new products to facilitate our interactions with people and objects. It is “the era of all intelligent” where immediacy has become the norm.

In order to illustrate the evolution of IoT objects in a more simplified and ubiquitous way, he created an exhibition of objects that express how everything can now be used as an excuse to connect: air, sound, light, plants and our own sleep patterns.

What’s new – Leisure. “TO LOG IN”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.
What’s new – Leisure. “TO LOG IN”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.

Market maker has a coffee table speaker with integrated induction charger as well as a vintage sound bar equipped with TWS technology allowing the same sound to be broadcast on several speakers. Kikkerland features a stand-alone phone holder with an ergonomic design that provides comfort when using mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

In the following room, François Bernard has divided his section devoted to protection into different categories: travel, resources, mobility, home, weather and personnel. He saw the idea of ​​protection as a metaphor for taking care of his property, his body and his environment. It crosses categories and offers inspiration for everyday objects that are both practical and beautiful. He presented products from Esschert Design, Air & Me, Héloïse Levieux, L’atelier des Tanneries, Slow Design, Bag All and more.

What’s new – Leisure. “PROTECT”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.

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