Limited Edition Montblanc Patron Of Art Homage To Victoria & Albert: Writing Instruments Of Awe-inspiring Majesty

Surprisingly, it has been 30 years since Montblanc first presented the limited-edition Patron of Art collection paying tribute each year to important historical patrons. Patronage has played an important role in painting, architecture, sculpture and even music throughout history, with the wealthy and other influencers serving as sponsors in the production or commissioning of works.

Lorenzo de’ Medici – one of the most enthusiastic proponents of Renaissance culture in Italy – was Montblanc’s winner that first year, 1992, and the Lorenzo de Medici sterling silver octagonal fountain pen remains one of my favorites of all time.

Like its predecessors, this year Patron of art Tribute to Victoria & Albert is another fine example of Montblanc’s artistry in pen making. This is also the last Patron of Art collection the company intends to produce, so crafting it is as much a nod to that (sad) fact as it is to the pen-making playbook. increasingly knowledgeable of Montblanc.

The six writing implements tell an interesting thread about the British royal couple as passionate partners and patrons of the arts, and their story is told through a variety of internal decorative techniques that seem to grow more complex with each passing year. .

Much has happened to facilitate this evolution, including an increased emphasis on research and development. And Montblanc’s decision several years ago to create multiple editions of each of its Patron of Art pens is a great opportunity to show off its crafts, which include engraving, setting, lacquering, the pearl, etc. It also allows for a variety of price points, in this case reaching up to $162,500 for the diamond studded Victoria and Albert LE8the most limited of the four editions.

The exquisite Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert LE100 cap

There is another very important artisanal expression at play that could be overlooked: each handcrafted Montblanc nib is a miniature work of art in its own right. Several discrete steps go into the crafting of each, whether mounted on an expensive limited edition or an everyday writer, from the initial gold cut to final grinding and testing. Thus, each Montblanc pen owner has a place in the larger history of company craftsmanship.

I have always believed that Montblanc has taken the right – and in my view, the only – position by placing such value and care in the production of its nibs, because that is where the experience of writing, and that’s, at least for Montblanc, where the buck ends. To sum up, a nice pen with a bad tip “is like lipstick on a pig”, as some say here in Texas (for the record, I never said that…).

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Montblanc Patron of Art Tribute to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition

The new Tribute to Victoria & Albert pen collection includes two 4810 and two 888 editions, one honoring Victoria and the other Albert in each edition. The LE100 and LE8 editions each honor the royal couple as a single pen.

Editions LE4810 and LE888 are beautiful couplets that take the royal love story from Victoria and Albert’s early years to his accession to the throne. For the sake of time and space, I’m focusing on the LE100 and LE8, whose tasteful details focus on the couple’s later years.

The exceptional Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert LE8 cap

Montblanc Patron of Art Tribute to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition 100

The LE100 features a faceted mother-of-pearl body and 18k champagne gold fittings inspired by the decor of Victoria’s wedding dress. The couple had nine children, and the nine lines on the cone are a tribute to their numerous offspring. The French sentence united forever (“united forever”) is taken from a ring given to Victoria by her half-sister as a wedding gift, while a bracelet she received from her mother inspired the intertwined heart-shaped amethyst set in the cone.

Montblanc Patron of Art Tribute to Victoria & Albert LE100

The 18k champagne gold cap recalls the arches of the Crystal Palace, where the Great Exhibition of 1851 took place, and is set with a sprinkling of turquoise stones that add both color and dimension. The hand-engraved profiles of Victoria and Albert on the side of the cap are modeled on the medals distributed at the Great Exhibition. The pen is crowned with royal blue lacquer – another touch of beautiful color – and the Montblanc emblem is in mother-of-pearl.

A love story told by Montblanc’s Patron of Art Tribute to Victoria & Albert LE100

The handcrafted 18-karat champagne gold nib is engraved with a pansy, a symbol of affection, while an excerpt from a note written by Albert to his beloved on their engagement day is engraved on the section gripping. The detachable cap ring is engraved with an orange blossom, Victoria’s favorite flower for her wedding. The opposite side of the ring depicts the couple’s linked hands depicted by German painter Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

Montblanc Patron of Art Tribute to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition 8

This edition with its black onyx cap pays tribute to the period of mourning that Victoria underwent after the loss of her husband. The black is interrupted by an 18k white gold inlay, which is a medallion with the hand-engraved “VRI” monogram (Victoria Regina Imperatrix). It opens to reveal a hand-engraved medallion she wore, reading, “In Erinnerung an Albert (“in memory of Albert”).

Montblanc Patron of Art Tribute to Victoria & Albert LE8

The rhodium-plated 18-karat white gold body is set with brilliant-cut diamonds and two black onyx inlays. The cone is engraved “Queen of an empire on which the sun never set”. Queen Victoria’s coronation ring inspired the jeweled cross and circle inlay that crowns the cone.

Rich know-how: Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert LE8

The rhodium-plated 18k gold nib is engraved with a pansy, and the white gold grip section features a hand-engraved world map showing the British Empire under Victoria. The removable cap ring is engraved with the dates of his reign, June 20, 1837 – January 22, 1901, while the cap is surmounted by a black lacquer crown set with the mother-of-pearl Montblanc emblem.

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Quick Facts Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition THE 100
Edition: fountain pen
Cap and body: champagne gold body with faceted mother-of-pearl; champagne gold cap set with turquoise
Nib: 18K champagne gold plated
Limitation: 100 pens
Price: $37,000

Quick Facts Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition THE 8TH
Edition: fountain pen
Cap and body: cap in white gold and onyx; white gold body set with brilliant-cut diamonds and two black onyx inlays
Nib: 18 carat gold
Limitation: eight pens
Price: $162,500

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