Launch of the special exhibition series: Utage: Modern Japanese Paintings

Tokyo, Japan, April 12, 2022 — ( — Kashima Arts is proud to announce the launch of Utage, a series of special exhibitions to be held each spring. Suitable for every occasion, these exhibitions will feature the best of Kashima Arts’ selection.

The inaugural exhibition, Utage: Modern Japanese Paintings will be held from Saturday April 23 to Sunday May 1, 2022, at Kashima Arts (Kyobashi, Tokyo). Equipped with approx. 25 works, the inaugural exhibition features works by 18 artists, including the so-called pioneer of modern Japanese painting, Takeuchi Seiho, the Bijin-ga master, Kaburaki Kiyokata, the internationally renowned bird-and-flower, Watanabe Seitei and more.

About Utage: Art for Spring
Since 1988, Kashima Arts has offered a wide range of Japanese artwork, with a specialty in Japanese hanging scrolls and calligraphy from the Middle Ages to modern times.

Continually striving to improve, Kashima Arts has continued to seek new ways to display Japanese art while simultaneously championing the value of integrating art into everyday life.

In this new tradition, Kashima Arts will present, exhibit and offer the best of Japanese art, from hanging scrolls to calligraphy and paintings, each spring until Utage.

The Japanese term “utage” has a wide range of meanings, from “celebration” and “enjoyment” to “peace” and “rest” (Source: Dai Kanwa jiten. Vol. III. By Morohashi Tetsuji. Tokyo: Tai Shūkan Shoten) . These exhibitions serve to give shape to these notions through a hand-picked selection of the finest works of art.

Amid the lingering pandemic, Utage aims to provide works for all to enjoy.

Featured works

1. Uemura Shoen, Beauty under the Moon
2. Mukai Junkichi, Spring in Shinanoji
3. Takeuchi Seiho, dog
4. Kimura Buzan, Kannon
5. Kobayakawa Shusei, Secret Song Under the Moon
6. Okamoto Taro, work

Exhibition details
Exhibition Title: Utage: Modern Japanese Paintings
HP Exhibition:
Dates: April 23 (Sat) – May 1 (Sun) 2022. Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. *Open every day
Works exhibited: approx. 25
Exhibiting artists: Kaburaki Kiyokata, Uemura Shoen, Takeuchi Seiho, Hishida Shunso, Watanabe Seitei, Kobayakawa Shusei, Mukai Junkichi, Fukuda Heihachiro and many more.
Location: Kashima Arts
Free admission

-Depending on the status of COVID-19, working days and hours are subject to change. Please check for updates on Kashima Arts website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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