Improving Calligraphy Skills

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Improving Calligraphy Skills

Are you one of those people who get excited about the various strokes, flourishes, and beautiful letterforms and look forward to doing calligraphy every day? We have something special in store for you.
Calligraphy is a great hobby to pursue, and we’re going to show you five simple techniques to improve your calligraphy skills today. You can easily put them into practice, and they will definitely help you on your calligraphic journey, says Pooja Bhagwat, founder of Ink n Bliss, Calligraphy & Design studio. Let the party begin!

Know your tools
There are many types of calligraphy to choose from, and you may be using pens that don’t suit your writing style. With so many different types of calligraphy tools on the market, it’s easy to get confused and start using the wrong ones.
To understand the different tools and their functions, it is necessary to acquire sufficient knowledge or learn from qualified calligraphy tutors. This is a very important point. It is essential to understand and use high quality supplies in order to have a positive writing experience. By selecting the right equipment, you can start your calligraphy journey with ease and generate the best results right away.

Master the basic strokes
Oh no! I cannot stress enough the importance of practicing the basic strokes. The most common mistake made by beginners is to compose words without having learned the basics first.
Any script, any style of calligraphy, is made up of an ordered set of rules and basic shapes. Writing words and sentences becomes much easier if you memorize and master them. Keep in mind that mastering calligraphy starts with mastering your basic strokes. You will see significant improvements in your calligraphy if you dedicate a few minutes each day to practicing the basic strokes.

Conscious practice
You may already know that practicing calligraphy daily will improve your skills. But it’s useless if you don’t practice consciously. It’s a waste of precious time, paper and ink if you don’t know what you’re doing.
I constantly advise my students that while practicing, they should have a goal in mind. You might want to focus on ovals one day, up and down curls the next, or you might want to dedicate an entire week to improving your compound curve. It’s entirely up to you.
You will progress faster if you set a specific goal and then work towards it. Of course, not every line or stroke will be perfect, but with focused attention and patience, you will see significant improvement in your handwriting. Your workouts will be more enjoyable than frustrating. So set aside time for mindful practice and savor every moment.

To slow down
It takes time to learn calligraphy! I know Instagram is full of great calligraphy videos, and you might think calligraphy is quick and easy. However, due to time constraints with the release, the majority of these films were sped up.
Slowing down can help you focus more on your shots, angles, spacing, and links instead of looking haphazard. You’ll enjoy writing more since you’ll be able to see and feel your breath rise and fall with each stroke. It’s quite meditative. Slowing down your writing will help you achieve greater accuracy.

Learn from your progress
Many novice and even seasoned calligraphers constantly compare their work to that of others. It goes without saying, but everyone comes from a unique background, has a unique attitude, and has a unique set of skills. Therefore, this type of comparison will not help you improve your expertise. In fact, such a comparison will make you feel uncomfortable or lose your confidence. Setting unreasonable goals will prevent you from achieving them.
Comparing your new job to your previous job is really helpful if you really want to grow and see positive results in your writing. It boosts your self-esteem and instantly improves your mood. You might make new discoveries, such as your wobbly lines no longer shaking, your ovals becoming more uniform, your angles improving, and so on. Seeing your personal improvement on a regular basis will increase your happiness and satisfaction.

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