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The Better World Fund partners with various organizations to promote peace and unity
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Better World Fund is an organization that uses cinematic art and technology to create a better future for humanity. Recently they organized an event at Expo 2020 Dubai, in strategic partnership with the UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth, we took the opportunity to speak with Manuel Collas de La Roche, President and founder of Better World Fund, on a multitude of topics ranging from the intersection of cinema and fashion to NFTs and independent content creators…

How does the Better World Fund use cinema and filmmaking to raise funds for the causes you support?

In partnership with key collaborators, the Better World Fund aims to create a platform that unites the world of film and the arts with science and the environment to raise awareness of the main humanitarian and sustainability issues of our time. Through our conferences, events and fundraising activities to support impactful projects, our goal is to educate and take action to reduce inequalities, improve the well-being of all and protect our planet and our ecosystems.

Manuel believes that humanity must be reborn to enable the enlightenment of every human being

Manuel believes that humanity must be reborn to enable the enlightenment of every human being
Image credit: Instagram @ manuel_collas_de_la_roche

Do you have any comments on the Dubai event?

The event was extremely inspiring. As part of the Dubai Expo, we organized two mastermind conferences – including one as part of our new partnership with the University of Paris-Saclay – to raise awareness of people with disabilities, and examine both the challenges and the opportunities. especially through innovation.

We also hosted a prestigious gala dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel with artists and inspiring personalities such as Melody Gardot, Gabriella Zanchi and Sir Clifford LeRoy Edwards who acted jointly as patrons. The support of these global icons has been essential to our work.

We screened at the opening of the gala the film “Dear Mother” written by Pierre Filmon and directed by Fadel Al Mheiri.

The film tells an incredible story, about the challenges of disability, and the power of love, motherhood, belief and commitment, values ​​that are very much in line with the values ​​of the Better World Fund. . The strategic partnership of the Ministry of Culture and Youth of the United Arab Emirates – the Embassy of France and the French Institute were also decisive in choosing disability as a major theme of intervention, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the Nations. United.

We will be holding a new series of events on March 25-26, again within the framework of the Dubai Expo, with a focus on the environment and climate action, in particular the protection of our oceans and the blue economy.

How do you think art and fashion contribute to philanthropy?

A 2021 Cone Cause Evolution study that investigated consumer attitudes towards corporate social responsibility and sustainability found that 85% of consumers had a more positive image of a brand when it supported a brand. charity they cared about and were more likely to shop somewhere with a proven corporate social responsibility.

Nowadays, it has become a moral obligation to be considerate and to make an impact – especially for the vulnerable – and positive change. Philanthropy in art, music, fashion, business and our daily behaviors are intertwined; we all need to be philanthropists in our lives and we all need to use our voice and the tools at our disposal (art, fashion, music, etc.) to bring about the political, social and environmental transformations the world so desperately needs. For us and future generations.

Apart from cinema and art, what do you think has the most long-term potential?

I believe cinema is an art so in that sense I think they are the same and have the same potential. If we had to make a point on which is the most powerful and the most influential, I would say cinema. The world of cinema is backed by some of the most influential and recognizable names in the world and they are all starting to use their voices to effect positive change. The average person is more likely to have heard of Sharon Stone than Andy Warhol or Jean Michel Basquiat, so in that sense cinema has more potential, but what is essential in my mind is l engagement and action – whether in art, science or business. Every discipline, every sector, everyone in fact has the potential to contribute to a better world, whatever our orientation. Engaged artists are champions; through their actions, they can all inspire us.

NFTs are a growing trend – what do you think?

Recently, the Better World Fund is proud to announce SHIBU Token as official sponsors and partners for the next 10 years. of a successful private sale.

As a deflationary Binance Smart Chain token, SHIBU aims to meet a range of humanitarian needs. Through the sale of SHIBU tokens, USD 30,000 has already been raised for the Better World Fund. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have endorsed the SHIBU token, including several well-known stars from the European film industry. It provides humanity with essential help thanks to its ecosystem.

A number of technical features make this platform very beneficial and up to date, using advanced technological capabilities and smart tokenomics. By creating the SHIBU token, Hollywood celebrities are combining their influence with the disruptive nature of blockchain technology into a token that benefits people all over the world. Through its partnership with Better World Fund, these goals can be achieved in an efficient and transparent manner. SHIBU was created to make the world aware of humanitarian challenges and problems and to provide them with solutions. In addition, the goal is to spread a message of shared inspiration for a better world for our future generations.

Is fashion an area where you are looking for a greater presence? If yes, why?

Fashion, like cinema, can be a powerful tool in drawing attention to critical issues, seeking solutions and promoting positive action. When we can partner with fashion, we do – for example at our galas – even though the main identity of the Better World Fund is to use the power of filmmaking to advocate and raise awareness.

What about freelance content creators, are they on your radar?

To a certain extent yes, especially influencers and artists on social networks; we ourselves are content creators through our events and social media presence.

Any other comments you would like to add?

Yes, I believe that everything that happens never happens by chance and that in these troubled times there is an opportunity for every human being to grow and evolve in consciousness.

In my opinion, the keynote of this time must be the opportunity for all humanity to rediscover its innate capacity to love and to unite to create a better world.

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