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People love to receive handmade cards from kids and friends because it shows a deep connection and tremendous effort to create a card. Making a card is not just about folding paper and a message. The card should stand out with its shape, size, color and the message it delivers to make it special for loved ones. If you are planning to make a card for your loved ones or friends, follow this guide for the best tips and tricks for making a greeting card at home.


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Gather the supplies and start by imagining the design
Fold the paper in half
Add decorations
Write a moving message
Add stickers or themed papers
Find an envelope

Step 1: Gather the supplies and start by imagining the design
This is the time when you let your ideas, original designs, and card making techniques run wild. All you have to do is imagine the right card for the occasion. Also consider the size, message, and how it looks at the end. Once you have an idea of ​​how your map will look, start collecting supplies.

This is a pack of 100 multicolored index cards ideal for making cards. The thick paper gives a solid base for the decorative material. The smooth finish of the paper ensures that the card at the end looks tidy and crisp. You can also use these pages for other artwork, including origami and paper folding.

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Step 2: fold the paper in half

Draw a faded horizontal line down the middle of the paper and fold the paper into two equal halves. Make sure that half of the paper completely overlaps the second half. You can later erase the line you drew.

This is a pack of 12 art pencils made of high quality wood and graphite to give the perfect drawing impression. It contains 12 kinds of drawing pencils – B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B HB H 2H F with metal case. Pencils are great for sketching, shading, sketching landscapes, etc.

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Step 3: add decorations

Once the paper is folded, you can start adding decoration. Decorating materials include a lot of stuff, so choose wisely what will go well with the theme of your card. The decoration material depends on the type of card and the occasion.

This kit is a versatile crafting combo that contains almost all craft decorating items. 1 glitter glue, 2 two-color twisted paper ropes, 2 single-color paper ropes, 1 set of 6 neon paper ribbons, 1 jute rope, 1 metallic design, 1 multicolored star stickers, 1 bead sticker, 5 plastic clips natural colored wood, 5 multi-colored wooden tongs, 1 glue, 50 colored ice cream sticks, 50 natural ice cream sticks, 20 large balls of pom poms 20 small.

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Step 4: Write a moving message

A message is the essence of a handmade card. A handwritten message has more of an impact on the recipient than any other pre-made card. It also shows how important the relationship is and why you chose to make a card in the first place.

A set of 3 calligraphy pens in black color. It comes in 3 ready-made tips – 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, there is no need to change the tip while drawing or writing, just take a other pen. These pens have the added benefit of being able to be used for writing English, Devanagari writing where the writing is left to right, as well as Urdu writing.

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Step 5: Add thematic articles

Themed papers add a notch to your card. Stick them on the front or back of the card. These papers can represent the recipient’s tastes, the overall theme of the card and the occasion.

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Step 6: Find an envelope
After you have created your card and made sure all the decorative materials are in place, place the card in an envelope. Color the envelope if you feel like it and add the name of the person the card is addressed to and share it.

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Other FAQs

  1. Can I buy greeting cards online?
    Yes, you can buy greeting cards online.
  2. What are pop-up greeting cards?
    Pop-up greeting cards are a type of card where a certain part appears as soon as the card is opened. The pop-up party can be a flower, origami art, or anything else.
  3. How do children benefit from card making?
    Children benefit from card making as it involves their creative and craft skills.

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