How I Met Your Mom: 10 of Ted’s Best Quirks

Ted Mosby is the main character of How I Met Your Mother, yet he is also the most underrated. Many fans feel like he’s overshadowed by Neil Patrick Harrison’s Barney Stinson, but Ted is also funny in his own way. His humor is more subtle, which makes Ted so unique.

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His interests and hobbies are just a few of the things that make him such a fun character. His favorite assets aren’t something his friends like to do with him, but that doesn’t make them any less intriguing. In fact, Ted has several quirks that viewers often ignore.

ten Tell fun facts about architecture

Ted has one of the strongest work ethics of the main characters in how I Met Your Mother, as evidenced by his passion for his profession. Architecture isn’t just something he does to get by, it’s something he really enjoys.

Learning about old buildings and telling his friends about architecture is one of Ted’s favorite things. In fact, he loves it so much that he makes a bet with Barney in which he will give him a six-hour study of early 20th century American architecture if he wins.

9 Typography

Ted holds up a menu in How I Met Your Mother.

Occasionally, Ted has shown that he enjoys differentiating between fonts. It’s not brought up too often, but many of Ted’s quirks are only mentioned during the time they are relevant. When he doesn’t know what to say on a date, Ted makes conversation by discussing the font printed on their menus. He mentions that although many confuse the font with Helvetica, it is actually Helvetica Bold.

Typography is a type of art that many enjoy, but the funniest thing is Ted used to lie to look more interesting. He later admits it’s just old Times New Roman. To be fair, the basic school writing font isn’t as fun as Helvetica.

8 Make informative binders for road trips

Ted gives Lily a binder in How I Met Your Mother.

Unless it’s an intentional part of the road trip, the majority of people stop as little as possible to get to their destination. Sitting in the car for hours isn’t the most enjoyable thing in the world, but Ted always finds a way to have fun. He’s making a binder for his and Lily’s trip to the wedding, titled “Manhattan To Farhampton: Lil ‘& Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.

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It’s packed with facts about where they’ll be going, and while Lily isn’t interested in the filing cabinet, it’s ideal for people who love architecture and monuments as much as Ted. Ted may have been bossy on purpose to get Lily out of the car, but the filing cabinet is still a fun idea and there’s no doubt it wasn’t the first Ted made.

7 Wearing his red cowboy boots

Ted and Red Cowboy Boots in How I Met Your Mother

Ted’s red cowboy boots are one of the funniest racing gags ever. How I Met Your Mother. Boots clash a lot with his clothes, but he is convinced that they enhance every outfit. Every time the gang makes a comment about them, they yell, “I’m kidnapping them! “

Ted can wear whatever he wants, but it’s funny how he treats the boots he bought to impress a saleswoman as if they were one of his most precious possessions. He refused to help Robin out of Barney’s house until she sent them a picture of her holding a pocket knife as if they were being held hostage.

6 The way he pronounces the words

Ted talks to his class in How I Met Your Mother.

Everyone has their own way of pronouncing certain words and Ted’s is particularly intriguing. He pronounces “Renaissance” like Ree-neighbor, but the best part is the way he says “chameleon”.

Ted had never heard the word aloud and had only read it, so he pronounced the word incorrectly in front of his students. In Ted’s defense, he pronounces it exactly how it looks on paper and his manner is a lot more fun. But Ted still feels the need to end school early out of embarrassment.

5 Go to the Renaissance fair

Ted holding a ball and chain in How I Met Your Mother.

The Renaissance Fair is a fun event that all kinds of people love to attend. However, within the gang, Ted is the lone wolf. No one shares his special interests, although they might like some more than they think if they gave them a chance.

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When Ted returns from the Renaissance Fair, he is dressed in medieval attire and proudly sports the cannonball he won. The comedic part of the scene comes when Ted accidentally swings it too hard and leaves a hole in the ceiling.

4 Wear driving gloves

Ted putting on his driving gloves in How I Met Your Mother.

As Ted himself said, 99.9% of crashed drivers weren’t wearing driving gloves, so it’s definitely something few people do. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.

While Lily doesn’t think they actually improve a person’s behavior, Ted offers a notable answer. He asks her why they call it the “glove box”, which is hard to dispute. The best part is that Tracy shares the cute quirk and also wears driving gloves. This is just one of the many reasons Ted and Tracy were perfect for each other.

3 Calligraphy

Ted doing calligraphy in How I Met Your Mother.

Ted doesn’t just do calligraphy, he is good at it. Her writing has always been amazing, as her invitations to her dance in high school were a hit. But Ted becomes a big fan of the hobby and even takes lessons.

He was thrilled when his new ink arrived and even has a set of travel nibs that he brings with him to Barney and Robin’s wedding. Barney, whose some fans have unpopular views in how I Met Your Mother, forces him to rewrite hundreds of place cards. As tedious as others might find the task, Ted seemed to really enjoy it.

2 Pack like a pro

Ted wearing his wrapping outfit in How I Met Your Mother.

Ted is a bit of a packaging legend and even Marshall and Lily know that. However, they did not accept the fact that people in Spain called him “Packer of Great Skill and Merit”, because he was able to pack everything he needed for two weeks in a “belt bag. hands free”.

But Ted is the one to call when things need to be packed with Tetris-like precision, and he dresses for the occasion. He puts on a coat and sunglasses and wears duct tape on his belt.

1 sing acapella

Ted singing acapella in How I Met Your Mother.

Acapella is a beautiful form of music, so it’s no surprise that Ted is a fan of it. However, it was a shock that he sang it and sang it well. Ted sings with a group of men at a gathering he was able to steal an invite for, and he fits in perfectly.

Ted is really good at acapella and his voice goes well with the other singers. One of the men tells him how impressive his lyrical baritone is and he is not mistaken.

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