Historic house restored with works of art

The “Centennial Sea” art exhibition which runs until Sunday is in full swing in a historic century-old house on Sichuan Road M.

Almost 100 paintings, installations and sculptures are on display from the second to the fourth floor in the neoclassical house built in 1921, the former headquarters of Brunner, Mond & Co, a British chemical company.

The paintings decorate, interpret and blend in the house, and at the same time revive and refresh it again after 100 years. These silent works of art talk about the relationship between the eternity of time and the malleability of space with different types of media.

The installation “The Midas Touch” by artist Shen Ye is a philosophical reflection inspired by Chinese mythology. A crow stands on a wooden box painted with gold leaf, looking for the “golden finger” of the immortal Lu Dongbin, who could turn anything into gold just by pointing at it. . A few steps away, rocks coated with golden lacquer are scattered.

The image of a crow is quite empowering, as the scavenger in Chinese culture is an ominous emblem, as well as a symbol of imperial authority that often involves the rise and fall of a dynasty. The metaphor of the work becomes complicated, which could allude to the artist’s irony towards the fetishism of the commodity.

Tan Weiyun / SHINE

Shen Ye’s installation “The Midas Touch”

Xue Song is known for his innovative combination of modern techniques and traditional elements, such as calligraphy and folk art.

The artist stands out for his collage style, characterized by the engraving of ready-made images and his rearrangement of the burnt fragments on the canvas.

Xue’s painting “Families Against the Bottom of White Clouds” features bright spots of color and thick lines, providing a striking visual effect.

Exhibition information

Dates: until September 19, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Banknotes: 100 yuan

Location: BAIwork

Address: 133 Sichuan Road M.

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