Harry Styles gives mid-term dating advice; leaves fans in awe

It turns out that Harry Styles took a break from his “Love on Tour” show in Saint Paul, Minnesota on Wednesday night to give a lucky fan some dating advice. It all started when Harry spotted the crowd for a poster erected above the crowd by a fan that said in all capitals, “Shall I text him?”

Despite the loud boos from the audience and all the ridiculousness possible in reaction to the question, Harry looked immediately intrigued, as he smiled and asked, “Is he nice to you?” The singer then asked whether to “text” him in a way that made a lot of hearts melt. Watch the video to find out what the star continued to say:

The fact that the singer took the trouble to notice a poster between his performances and respond to his fans proves that it’s not just his fans, and that he also cares about his fans. Isn’t that awesome? Well, people on Twitter are definitely in awe of Harry’s gesture.

Check out some reactions:

Posted on: Friday September 24, 2021 4:16 PM IST

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