Gift ideas for thoughtful home organization


For the garage worker, sturdy plastic storage cabinets and drawers, along with floating wall systems that accommodate hooks for things like bikes and garden hoses, tend to be safe bets. explains Todd Allan, a professional organizer and owner of Structured Space in Seattle.

If you are buying for an elderly person, keep in mind the need to minimize bending, squatting, reaching or climbing. Choose an organizer that can be set up at a reasonable height and fit in an accessible location, says Jeff Julia, founder of Koncept Garage in Austin, TX.

Allan also recommends chrome or black tiered metal shelves with casters for easy transport. (These rolling carts are also suitable indoors for those short on desk space. Delap recommends giving one with woven baskets to help recipients categorize office supplies, tech devices, and toys. grandchildren. “It’s portable and can go with you wherever you go,” she says.)

Invest in a professional

Instead of buying a product, hiring a professional organizer might be the way to go. These specialists can be hired by the hour – expect to pay $ 55 to $ 100 an hour – or by project.

Projects can range from cleaning a messy locker room (so people know where their coat is “instead of finding it under a pile of coats on the dryer,” Allan says) to digital decluttering, which involves cleaning. and restructuring email folders, organizing files and categorizing photos.

For some, spending a few hours with a pro can be invaluable.

If you go this route, however, Allan has a tip: “I learned early on that an organizational gift certificate is best given to people who know they will get one. Once, a man whose wife had given him such a gruff present told Allan, who had called to make an appointment, that his services were not needed.

Marjana Ababovic would not take offense. In fact, she would welcome the extra hand with open arms.

“In your own home, it’s very easy to get stuck and overwhelmed,” says the 61-year-old, who lives in Irondequoit, New York. “It just seems like there is so much going on, so I say ‘whatever’ and usually don’t see anything until the end.”

She has some organization cubes in the closet by the front door, but they aren’t transparent.

“So I never remember which one has the gloves and which one has the scarves,” she says. “Whenever I want to take something away, I have to take them both out. It is so stupid.

Someone needs to find a label maker for Ababovic.

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