Get creative with calligraphy

How about an evening of cocktails and fancy letters? There are classes that will teach you the basics of modern calligraphy with sharp pen and ink, perfect if you’re a fan of stationery art, a do-it-yourself bride-to-be, or just a crafty person.

The events are called “Sip & Script,” and one of the calligraphy teachers, Suki Liu, came on “Live in the D” with co-host Tati Amare to talk more about the events and illustrate the script.

“Sip & Script” is a fun way to incorporate modern calligraphy into your daily life,” Liu said.

According to Liu, “Sip & Script” has calligraphers across the country working with fun local venues to run the classes, and she says with a drink in hand, it makes it more approachable and laid back.

Special utensils, such as a pen holder with a flexible metal tip called a nib, are needed to create beautiful letters. When you press the tip, the flexible teeth open. This makes the lines thick which are used in calligraphy.

Here are some of the stroke basics covered by Liu:

  • To start, you will need to dip the nib and wipe off any excess ink.

  • Second, upward strokes are thin lines that are drawn on the page with little or no pressure.

  • Third, the magic happens on the downstrokes. Tap the feather as you move it down the page.

“You’ll notice a tendency to get thick and thin as you go up,” Liu said.

Liu also runs a small business named Signed by Suki, in addition to Sip & Script. She said she specializes in event signage, creating welcome signs, seating plans and other items. She also produces large slate menus for local businesses. To add a touch of calligraphy to the celebration, she engraves words on champagne flutes and stainless steel wine bottles.

For more information, see the Sip & Script and Signed by Suki websites.

Watch the video above to see Liu and Amare practice basic calligraphy strokes.

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