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Tokyo, Japan 06 October 2021 – (PR.com) – BS Fuji Co., Ltd. and Kashima Arts Co., Ltd. are proud to co-host Volume 8 of the Japanese Art Auction, MEGURU, from October 16 (Saturday) to 24 (Sunday) 2021. An opportunity for both experienced and novice buyers to learn about the arts, MEGURU is a sealed auction specializing in Japanese arts designed for easy and universal participation.

This MEGURU offers works of approx. 570 lots like Ito Jakuchu, Kawai Gyokudo, Hakuin Ekaku, Foujita Tsuguharu, Uemura shoen, Munakata Shiko, and the many other distinguished artists selected by the Japanese art specialists at Kashima Arts. In addition to paints, this MEGURU offers a full line of tea utensils and crafts. Other highlights include the Bijin-ga and Zen Buddhist works, as well as paintings by the ever-popular Nihon-ga artist, Kobayakawa Shusei.

About Kashima Arts:
Established antique dealer with 30 years of experience, Kashima Arts has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the Japanese art market. With the aim of serving both parties, Kashima Arts is the ultimate medium serving both seller and buyer.

MEGURU first launches on the MEGURU website. (https://www.meguru-auction.jp/en/) After launch, attendees can start browsing, viewing and bidding for lots through any device accessible on the internet.

Why choose MEGURU?
For buyers
1. Each lot is reviewed and selected by Kashima Arts, a reputable gallery with over 30 years of antiques experience.
2. A chance to buy art at a surprisingly affordable price.
3. A wide range of jobs and the lowest starting offer of 30,000 yen.
4. Participate anytime, anywhere through the MEGURU site.

For sellers
1. Price transparency and the ability to sell at a surprisingly high price
Since there are no other mediators, all works are sold directly to the buyer, and since the highest bid determines the sale price, all sales are transparent.
2. Free expertise and estimate.
3. A platform of more than 20,000 art lovers.
4. No more tedious sales procedures and formalities. From the publication of the catalogs, to the shipment of the lots, MEGURU does all the work.

MEGURU vol.8 Highlights

● Zen Buddhist Art
Zen art has remained popular, both in and out of Japan. In addition to humorous paintings by Zen Buddhist monks, Hakuin Ekaku, Sengai Gibon, and followers of Hakuin such as Torei Enji, this auction features a wide selection of paintings, calligraphy and other works conveying the Zen teachings.

● Bijin-ga
The genre of Japanese painting, Bijin-ga, emerged during the Edo period with the popularization of ukiyo-e paintings. Initially these were paintings of courtesans, but in modern times they have come to represent the beauty of women in ordinary life. Based on the works of women painters, such as Uemura shoen, who modernized Bijin-ga from Maruyama school painting to Ito Shinsui, which followed the ukiyo-e style of Utagawa school, this MEGURU features coveted paintings, mainly, from the Meiji era.

● Otomaru Kodo
Living National Treasure and lacquer artist, Otomaru Kodo was born in 1898 in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, and studied Sanuki sculpture under Ishii Keido. He then studied the art of lacquer engraving and used colored lacquers to create a variety of expressions, expanding the scope of lacquer art, developing his own style while retaining the use of artisan techniques. traditional. His influence on the craft world remains and his works continue to attract people to this day.

● Hayashi Kiichiro
Hayashi Kiichiro is a Western-style painter who continued to paint old private houses with thatched roofs throughout his life. “One Hundred Views of Lost Private Houses” covers 30 years of his travels across the country. Expressed in a unique technique rich in elegance and realism, his style rediscovers the disappearing Japanese landscapes.

Featured Lots
1. Maruyama Okyo, Begonia and Sparrow
Starting bid: 1,200,000 yen
2. Ito Jakuchu, rooster
Starting bid: 1,200,000 yen
3. Tanaka Isson, Peony
Starting bid: 800,000 yen
4. Munakata Shiko, Bodhisattva
Starting bid: 1,800,000 yen
5. Foujita Tsuguharu, early spring
Starting bid: 1,200,000 yen
6. Natsume Soseki, poem
Starting bid: 600,000 yen
7. Fujita Kyohei, glass box
Starting bid: 750,000 yen
8. Yokoyama Taikan, the return
Starting bid: 1,000,000 yen
9. Kobayakawa Shusei, Japanese sword
Starting bid: 480,000 yen

Event preview
MEGURU Japanese Art Auction Vol. 8
Place: Kashima Arts Co., Ltd. (3-3-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Offer: approx. 570 lots
·Overview: October 16 (Sat) to 24 (Sun), 2021
Final bid: 24 october (Sun), 6 p.m. JST
·Results: October 26 (Sun), 2021
Organizers: BS Fuji Co., Ltd. and Kashima Arts Co., Ltd.

Depending on COVID-19, opening hours are subject to change. Please visit Kashima Arts Facebook (@ kashima.arts), Instagram and Twitter (@kashima_arts) for the most recent updates.

Contact details:
Kashima ArtsNaoko Watanabe, Yukina Ijuin
+81 (0) 3-3276-0700
Contact by e-mail

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