Faika’s entrepreneurial journey

As most artists focus on portraiture and calligraphy, Faika attracts clients with her beautiful works of landscape, miniature and decorative art. His still paintings have a distinct clientele. She says she tries to innovate with each passing day and go beyond traditional art forms.

Faika’s artwork made from acrylic colors, gouache colors, her mini canvases, mini journals and polaroid art are a feast for the eyes. She says she always keeps customers in mind and tries to innovate.

“These works of art are memories for my clients and it’s important that I keep that in mind when creating art. Sometimes clients want to keep a particular part of their memory like a photograph and turn it into in art, I respond to that demand from clients and help them recreate those memories. I try to personalize my art to the requirements of clients so that they stay interested in the work that I do. I believe that if one do justice to what they do and that professionalism is followed, they will succeed despite the challenges,”

Faika attempts a new way of introducing art into everyday life. She recently created some very popular art bookmarks and several clients have ordered the same from her.

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