Everything you need to start calligraphy

The best calligraphy tools for beginners

Calligraphy creates a beautiful artistic text. Calligraphy is fun to learn and used to create invitations, thoughtful letters to friends, and even make sure the memories in your journal are as beautiful as they were lived. While it may seem intimidating to learn this new skill, the good news is that you can create calligraphy with almost any type of pen, paper, or ink.

Getting into calligraphy doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to know where to start, what to use, add a little practice, and you’ll be producing beautifully written art in no time.

How to get started with calligraphy

The two main styles of calligraphy for beginners are modern calligraphy and classical calligraphy.

Modern calligraphy teaches how to construct letters, numbers and popular artistic designs. Classical calligraphy focuses on the fundamental rules of styles that fall outside of contemporary or modern calligraphy. While you need to learn both, picking one to get started with step-by-step beginner’s instructions, including which pen, nib, and ink to use, is the best way to start.

For beginners, the start of your calligraphy journey should include learning the basics to develop your skills, confidence, and passion for calligraphy.

Some people love to use a stencil to exercise their hand muscles for practice, and it helps relieve some of the pressure on your hands while learning. Creating a self-contained learning environment with a candle that gives you a level of relaxation and ambiance is also a great idea to help you get the most out of your calligraphy experience.

Best calligraphy tools and resources for beginners

Best Beginner Calligraphy Pen

Hethrone Calligraphy Pens: Available at Amazon

Our opinion : This set of pens makes it easy to create a wide variety of calligraphy styles.

What we like: Each of the eight pens has a different tip style so you can familiarize yourself with all of the basic techniques and designs with ease.

What we don’t like: Some users report that the pens leak easily.

Best book for absolute beginners to get started with calligraphy

Lettering for Absolute Beginners Workbook: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This book is simple, fun, interactive, and doesn’t require any special pens, ink, or nibs to get you started with the materials you already have at home.

What we like: This handy resource gets you started by focusing on active projects that help you hone your technique by producing results like wood panels and ceramic plaques that you can show off.

What we don’t like: Some users report that the techniques provided can be a bit repetitive.

Best book for calm and joy as a tool for learning calligraphy

Hand lettering for relaxation: available on Amazon

Our opinion : This book teaches the basics of calligraphy by cultivating a sense of calm and joy.

What we like: The approach of becoming calm and attentive before your practice is the perfect way to learn a complex new skill while providing a chance to express your artistic side.

What we don’t like: While this book is great for mental health, it may be too simplistic for users to develop expert calligraphy skills.

Best book for beginners to learn modern calligraphy

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering for Beginners: Available at Amazon

Our opinion : This book is simple to use, great for learning, and will have you going from beginner to master of modern calligraphy in no time.

What we like: Tips, techniques and how-to pages make this book beautiful, practical and very effective for learning.

What we don’t like: Some users report that since the book is not spiral bound, it is quite difficult to use.

Best calligraphy workbook for beginners

Beginner calligraphy exercise book: available at Amazon

Our opinion : Learning skills from classic to contemporary calligraphy has never been easier with this functional, start-to-finish workbook for beginners.

What we like: This book helps beginners become more multidimensional calligraphers by providing detailed steps to construct letters, numbers, and punctuation marks in various styles.

What we don’t like: You will likely need to purchase additional practice paper.

Best Practical Calligraphy Paper for Beginners

Studio Series Calligraphy Paper Pad: Available at Amazon

Our opinion : Artist level calligraphy paper helps beginners build confidence and lettering skills.

What we like: The paper is lined and has features that allow angled lettering and is very comfortable to use.

What we don’t like: Although users suggest this paper is of the highest quality, there may not be enough slanted lines for some advanced styles.

Best pen and nib combo for calligraphy beginners

Hethrone wood handcrafted calligraphy set with 11 nibs and black ink: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This stunning handcrafted pen with elven nibs and black ink is the perfect gift for yourself to ensure you start your new calligraphy adventure prepared and in style.

What we like: This sturdy, durable and beautiful pen is ideal for modern and classic styles.

What we don’t like: Some users suggest that you might need to top up ink a bit more often if you exercise a lot.

Best Complete Set to Get Started with Calligraphy

Mont Marte calligraphy set: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This set gives you all the tools you will need to learn and master the art of calligraphy.

What we like: With the variation of the stylus and nib, ink cartridges, and exercise books, it’s hard to see where you could go wrong.

What we don’t like: Some users are suggesting that they would like better instructions on how to use the ink from the practice booklet.

Best Multi-Handed Set for Beginners to Learn Calligraphy

Award-winning starter kit for beginners: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This set is ideal for both right and left handed beginners and comes with an award winning guide and supplies.

What we like: Not only are there all the pens a beginner would need, but this set also comes with an instruction manual that includes illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

What we don’t like: The price is higher than other starter kits available.

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